HELP!!!!!!! trying to load windows

  smithy5271 08:56 20 Sep 2007

hi can anyone tell me how to boot up from the c drive? my windows has crashed and i need to reload it onto my pc, i no you can do this in bios, but forgotton how, any useful advice kindly recieved, ta paul

  Diemmess 09:26 20 Sep 2007

Which OS are you using XP Vista etc.?
What exactly happens when you switch on?

Obviously windows wont run, but what do you see on the screen, any messages or display?

  smithy5271 09:57 20 Sep 2007

im was running xp
it says this on start up
windows could not start because,the following file is missing or corrupt.
you can attempt to repair by starting windows setup using the original cd rom,
select r at the first screen to start repair
i press r and nothining happens.
i do have a windows disc but i cant seem to get it to read from the c drive from bios, unsure what config i need????? ty

  Fingees 10:02 20 Sep 2007

You need to enter the bios sometimes it is done by pressing delete as you machine boots up.
and select CD as your first boot disk.

When you then switch your computer on, it will then boot from the cd, then go on from there as instructed

  Diemmess 11:32 20 Sep 2007

Switch on as normal but keep tapping DEL key from the very start.
(A few computers require F2 instead)

The screen should show the BIOS setup, you will have to use the arrows keys to work around until you find 1st Boot device. There are prompts on ech "page" as to what you can do.

Use Page Up or Page down to change the first boot device to CD.

Then choose Save and Exit BIOS (usually F10)

The computer will reboot.
If you have the Windows CD already in the slot it should boot from that CD and offer the alternatives - repair etc.

  cowboy62 11:51 20 Sep 2007

have u tried pressing f8 and booting in to safe mode and doing a system restore

  smithy5271 11:55 20 Sep 2007

no joy,
it gives the option of booting from c only which i did then pressed f10 to save but still not booting from disc

  smithy5271 11:56 20 Sep 2007

it doesnt actuly say cd just (c only)

  Diemmess 12:56 20 Sep 2007

You may see on booting a brief instruction to hit Delete for BIOS.
Once Windows begins to load you have gone too far and you should press the reboot button on the computer.
There will not be an option to go to drive C:

BIOS usually shows on its second page among many other things - First Boot device, Second boot device and Third boot device.

One of these options is HD 0 which is your hard drive.

You must alter the first one (using PgUp or Page down to toggle through the options to CDROM.

If you miss the opportunity to alter the first boot device, the computer will go straight to the hard disk and try to load Windows, with the result you keep getting.

You can't mistake the BIOS when you get there it is a screenful of bright blues, golds and a few reds.
Try again and see what happens!

A slight word of caution. When you get to the BIOS alternatives, don't alter anything except that first boot device.

  smithy5271 13:23 20 Sep 2007

im possitive im in the right place,as i have done this before many moons ago, just got awful memory :)
this is what i did
enterd bios reatures setup
there are many options,
the 7th option reads, boot from lan first, this is disabled
then the 8th option is boot sequince,
is has 11 more options inside it
c only
ls/zip,c d,a,scsi
a,c,scsi e,a,scsi
c,a,scsi f,a,scsi
c,cdrom,a scsi,a,c
cdrom,c,a (this is my required option i believe)

  smithy5271 13:25 20 Sep 2007

i am going option cdrom,c,a believing this to be my required sequence then press esc then f10 then y for yes for it to be saved then enter then pc re boots, but stil goping round in circles grrrrrrrrrr, ty for your patience with me

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