Help! Tiny Screen 'dead'

  nick_j007 20:54 01 Oct 2005

Evening all,

My mums PC (a Tiny Home 64-3000 PQ, XP home) is giving her some grief, and at this stage it is not running usable.

The screen is a QVA. model no. L151 TFT screen.

It appears to start normally, by showing the big black screen with the Windows logo, then the screen goes black with a simple message on it saying "not support" in white letters set in a red box. At this point the 'not support' message disappears and all she is left with is a pure black screen leaving her unable to affect anything on the computer.
I suggested she start it in safe mode by pressing f8.
It listed all the drivers one by one, but with a message saying "Multi disc partition windows system 32" against each of the drivers.
There are 24 drivers filling the whole screen.
Then nothing further would happen, and all she could do was to reboot at the wall.

She could play a CD in the 'not support' stage albeit with a black screen. The sound was either coming from the monitor or additional speakers (sorry, not sure which)

She also seems concerned that the screen has been making a slight buzz intermittently.

Also, when typing emails recently, the text on the screen would not be showing all the letters as typed.

She uses AVG and knows how to update and scan.
Built in firewall via Telewest.

Hopefully for her sake, there in something in here that means something to somebody!

Many thanks for reading this through.


  MAJ 21:18 01 Oct 2005

Have you tried another monitor on the computer, nick_j007?

  interzone55 21:30 01 Oct 2005

I have a feeling that maybe the screen resolution has been altered to something above the one the screen can handle.

Start the PC in safe mode - VGA, when you reach windows change the resolution to 1024 x 768 with 32 bit colour, change the refresh rate to 60Hz. Now reboot.

Hopefully all will now be well.

  nick_j007 21:32 01 Oct 2005

Well, my mum is in Bristol, and I'm in the West mid's.
She doesn't have another monitor to try I'm afraid.
The fact that she does get the Windows early screen must mean the screen is actually working (?)



  nick_j007 21:33 01 Oct 2005

Will phone her and pass it on now.



  nick_j007 22:17 01 Oct 2005

My mum has at least been able to send an email saying this:
"As you can see - I've got it back working!
I turned it on and pressed F8 and instead of doing safe mode went into VGA mode - that in turn started the 'check file system from 0 - 100% and then the screen came up in safe mode. The first time I went into display and changed the resolution to 1024 x 768 - the screen then went black again and showed 'no support'. I persevered and did it all again - this time when it went into safe mode a message came up saying to click the balloon to change display setting - went into that and it offered to set it automatically - did this and this time it stayed on. The print etc is larger but as long as the machine is working I'm happy!

Any pointers on the print size etc?

How might this have been changed in the forst place do you think? She's not a heavy gamer for example ;-)

Well done Alan14!


  Stuartli 23:08 01 Oct 2005

Most likely reason is a different resolution setting to the original one.

  nick_j007 23:10 01 Oct 2005

Will walk through this in the morning now.

Otherwise this is sorted.

Thank you all once again :-)


  interzone55 14:43 03 Oct 2005

If your mum has got the screen at the correct size now, ignore this.

The QVA L151 should work fine at 1024*768, if it's refusing to do this the problem must be down to the refresh rate.

If the refresh rate is set to more than 60 then the screen will switch off again, so set it to 60 and check again (btw you will find the refresh rate setting in the advanced tab of the display settings dialogue, then select monitor)

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