Help with Thunderbird

  Les T 16:50 29 Nov 2006

Last night i downloaded Thunderbird, after i became disillusioned with Yahoo mail. I am receiving messages fine, but when i try to send one i get [IMG]click here[/IMG], can anyone help me configure the SMTP settings.

Thanks in advance.

  rawprawn 17:02 29 Nov 2006

It's difficult to read but have you mistyped the SMTP adress I think it should be
have a look and check it.

  Les T 17:17 29 Nov 2006

Thanks for your prompt reply, the only thing different in my SMTP address is that mine was in lower case as opposed to SMTP. I have changed it, but alas no luck, still not sending. I should say i am trying to send a message that has an attachment, do i need to change a setting maybe?

  Kate B 17:27 29 Nov 2006

Many ISPs will only let you send email via their SMTP servers. A quick check of your ISP's help pages will tell you what its SMTP server address is.

  Ashrich 17:44 29 Nov 2006

Maybe a silly question , but , have you changed the SMTP port from 25 to 587 ? if not try it ...


  Les T 17:53 29 Nov 2006

Tried changing the SMTP port to 587. I actually got as far as a "Delivering Mail" dialog box which stalled at 76% and then showed the message in my original post. Progress though.

  Les T 18:01 29 Nov 2006

Must be something to do with the photo attachment that i tried to send in the original e-mail. I have just sent a test e-mail without an attachment and it has went through perfectly. Does anyone have advice for sending attachments using Thunderbird?

  Stuartli 18:46 29 Nov 2006

Try the Thunderbird forums re attachments:

click here

  Les T 20:34 29 Nov 2006

Thanks, but i haven't found an answer as yet.

  ashdav 20:46 29 Nov 2006

click here
I found Thunderbird works ok with this.

  Kate B 20:54 29 Nov 2006

Could be your ISP putting a limit on the size of attachments - ask them.

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