HELP with things that won't go

  Jade 14 G 12:40 05 Mar 2007

I seem to have had a few problems you have helped with, but this l have been trying to live with as l thought l had asked you all to much, but it its getting on my nerves now.
In January l downloaded Exstora a kind of planner and calender, it was nothing like l thought it would be so uninstalled it in add and remove but it comes on when l log on the desktop every time and its in my task bar and won't go, at the same time l downloaded tiny spell and its doing the same but its not in the taskbar. When its on my desktop its just a small error screen and l click ok and it goes, its also in all programs and clicking on it says its been uninstalled.
To add to this lot Zone alarm which l always use has a screen and in the bottom of my screen now saying it has to be updated and which l know zone free does not have updates, also has a drop down menue on it which gives you a choice when you want to update and its up to 60- days but clickig that its still back again the next time l log on,
Sorry about all these pesky things

  VoG II 12:44 05 Mar 2007

For the first two, try disabling them using msconfig click here

  Jade 14 G 20:52 05 Mar 2007

sorry late but got family round, have just tried misconfig and got the message that it can't find it,

  birdface 20:57 05 Mar 2007

msconfig.without the i.

  woodchip 21:13 05 Mar 2007

As you tried msconfig, I would have said to look there first. Now go to search and type Exstora in the box and delete what it finds. Then go to Run and type regedit press enter and you get what looks like Windows Explorer, go to Edit in Menu in the Find box type Exstora press enter and delete what it finds then press F3 for next in Regedit and so on till you get to the end of regedit. Reboot computer and see if it's gone

  Jade 14 G 21:39 05 Mar 2007

I made the stupid mistake of putting in a (i) in msconfig, so did it again and everything came up with a C at the side and tiny spell and estoria were together so took tick out both and re-started.
Came on with this message but no ting spell ect,
'Used configuration utility this is curently in diagnostic or selective start up mode.Choose normal or general start up mode to start windows normally and undo changes made using system configeration utility ' after seeing that l clicked ok on it and it brought the screen up for me to alter so l clicked normal as wasn't sure if l had made a mistake

  moorie- 21:44 05 Mar 2007

make change in msconfig again,restart,when used config screen box comes up tick little box left hand corner and ok

  birdface 21:45 05 Mar 2007

Hi,When you untick the boxes in start up You then have to press apply,It will ask if you want to restart your computer ,just press yes,When it starts up a box appears just put a tick in the box bottom left hand side, That should do it.

  birdface 21:48 05 Mar 2007

Moorie- your to quick for me,And I forgot to say to press ok at the end.

  Jade 14 G 21:53 05 Mar 2007

I did click apply first then close, will do it again and tick te left hand box like moorie said,

  Jade 14 G 21:58 05 Mar 2007

Thanks all of you, its gone and l have a nice desktop again, now l hope that l have no more problems so you all can have a rest,

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