help on terminology

  turismo 14:34 28 Jul 2005

am thjinking of buying a flat monitor
but i do not understand any of the terminology,
and if lower or higher is good??

apprecite anyone take time to help??


  mjf85 15:37 28 Jul 2005

HI mate

Firstly good choice on the TFT.

Right responce time is better as low as you can, I got a 8ms (millisecond or 0.001) responce time which is not too bad, dont go for a 20ms or higher one as your image will suffer for it.

The dot pitch depends on the size of your monitor you are going to buy, normally the lower means the better as there would be more pixels displaying your image.

Another thing to watch out for is the viewing angle, mine is 160 degrees horazontal and vertical, this will affect how use ful your screen is.

The input, DVI vs VGA. DVI is digital video interface, and only the newer graphics cards would have them, so depending on your machine I would look for one with a VGA interfaces.

Hope this helps, any otehr problems just

  turismo 15:58 28 Jul 2005

thx m8 great help

just the followinfg 2

refresh rate

contrast ratio

  mjf85 16:45 28 Jul 2005


Contrast Ratio, is normally in the form 16:9 or something silimar. This means that say you can a picture, 100 x 100 and you wanted to display it on this screen, it would multiply the 100*16 for the horazontal and 100*9 for the vertical. It is also refered to as the aspect ratio. For reference on this TV is broadcast on 16:9.

Refresh rate is how many times the screen will update itself. it is measured in hertz, which is defined as one change per second. So 60hurtz means the screen will update its display 60 times a second. Normally u dont have to worry about refresh rates on TFT's as the pixel responce time (as I covered earlier) does basically the same thing but of you are going to watch TV on your computer I would keep the refresh rates between 6--65 Hertz

Hope this helps.

Any other problems just ask



  turismo 17:04 28 Jul 2005

thx mate been a great help

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