Help with a task in MS excel

  PC_Qs 11:45 24 Nov 2007

I have recently been asked to make a heading in excel to stay at the top on the page even when you are scrolling down the document. Does any know how to do this? I have not used MS excel since school and am finding it difficult.

  rossgolf 11:48 24 Nov 2007

im sure i saw some one do this once i think its summat to do with the page break...i think its called a scrolling header might be completely rong but worth a try

  PC_Qs 11:51 24 Nov 2007

i am looking in excel but am unable to do this. i have currently got MS office 2007 so it is very different to 2003. Can anyone guide me?

  rossgolf 12:00 24 Nov 2007

its not that different its jst that you think it because the things are in the wrong place than usual lol :-)
if you are taking it to work or any where else that does not have 2007 then remember to save it as a compatable 2003 file

  pj123 12:12 24 Nov 2007

In Excel if you look just above the scroll arrow on the right hand side you will see a small grey button.

Hold you mouse over it and it will change to an up and down arrow.

Hold the left button down and drag it to the line below what you need to keep on screen when scrolling.

If and when you no longer need it just double click and it will revert back.

You can also keep a left hand column on screen when scrolling right. This time the grey button you are looking for is at the bottom right of the left and right scroll bar. Just drag it left to where you want it. Again, just double click to clear it.

  PC_Qs 12:14 24 Nov 2007

Thank for all the help. I have found a demo which shows you how to do this..

click here

  wee eddie 12:51 24 Nov 2007

Window > Freeze Pane

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