Help with Swtich (please help fast)

  dave726587 21:52 16 Feb 2008

hi i bought this click here and it has came today but im not sure if its the right thing so i dont to open it yet.

So basicly i have a cable modem and i want to connect the cable modem to the switch then connect other computers to the switch. Will this work? Im worried because there is no individual port for the main internet source. Will it work if i put an ethernet cable from my modem to the Switch and then connect my other pcs to thw swtich? will the net work like this? please help me i need to know.


  PC Mechanic 22:03 16 Feb 2008

You make no mention of whether you have a router. Normally an Ethernet cable is run from the cable modem to the router. Another ethernet cable is run from the router to the switch, then the ethernet cables from the various computers, xbox etc are plugged into the switch.

  dave726587 22:06 16 Feb 2008

i have no router, but will i be able to get internet from the swtich if i plug an ethernet cable from the modem to the swtich and then an ethernet cable from the swtich to my computer?

  MAJ 22:08 16 Feb 2008

Seems a weird way to go about it. Get a router and plug your cable modem into the router via an ethernet cable, then each PC into the router for a wired network or use a wireless adapter in each PC to have a wireless network.

  dave726587 22:11 16 Feb 2008

please just answer my question, will it work or not?

  MAJ 22:18 16 Feb 2008

I don't think so, dave726587.

  Eric10 22:28 16 Feb 2008

I'm pretty certain that it won't work. I don't think that a switch has the ability to assign IP addresses like a router does. I'd send the switch back and swap it for a router but make sure that you get a cable router and not an ADSL one.

  ambra4 22:33 16 Feb 2008


Yes it will work the switch would control the access to the modem

Take a read here

click here

  ambra4 22:43 16 Feb 2008
  MAJ 22:49 16 Feb 2008

How does that explain it, ambra4? Simplify it.

  DieSse 22:56 16 Feb 2008

It all depends whether the cable modem is also a DHCP server. If it is, it assigns addresses to all the PCs connected to it, via the switch (or hub).

The switch (or hub) does no address assignment - it's the router (or combined router/modem) that does that.

So it all depends on your cable modem, as to whether it incorporates a DHCP server.

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