Help with strange beeping noise...doing my head in

  cheerup347 17:24 18 Aug 2007


recently my computer has been randomly beeping internally for about 2 seconds at a time...its not like a beep, i tihkn its the sort of internal arror noise when you dont have speakers...but its going rapidly for about 2 secodns at a time.

sometimes it keeps going 5 or 6 times. others it does it ocne then stops again.

i opened the case to see if i could see anytihng wrong and it all looks in correclty.

the last thign i installed was stick for am which ive taken out it still does it.

whenever its done it persistently i just turn it on its side and it usually stops, but then when i turn it back up to normal it starts again later on.

any ideas?

  octal 17:38 18 Aug 2007

Sounds like the CPU fan bearings.

  Pineman100 17:39 18 Aug 2007

If turning the computer on its side stops the noise, it could be either some loose component vibrating from time to time, or maybe something caught inside the PSU fan casing.

  woodchip 18:18 18 Aug 2007

It may be Health Temps of CPU overheat, BIOS warning

  wee eddie 19:24 18 Aug 2007

Usually refers to faulty RAM

  cheerup347 22:32 18 Aug 2007


at the moment i only have the original ram in, so ill swap them over putting only the latest oen in and see whats going on

  DieSse 23:47 18 Aug 2007

If it's when the system is running - it's not POST beeps - these, as the name says, are only during the POST (Power On Self Test) which runs at switch-on only.

Beeps when running are normally a voltage or temperature warning - most likely temperature at this time of year.

Check all the fans visually - defluff excessive amounts of dirt (system off for this).

Also look at a temperature monitoring program - free Everest can show you temperature click here

Also you can look in the BIOS at fan speeds, temperatures - maybe you need to tweak a warning temperature setting up by a small (only small please) amount.

Maybe you need a new fan (for the CPU most likely)- they do give problems fairly frequently.

  John B 04:34 19 Aug 2007
  wee eddie 08:35 19 Aug 2007

So two things come to mind.

Just in case: You may have knocked the old RAM when you installed the New. Try reinstalling the old again.

You could be getting an overheating warning. Borrow a Hairdryer and a paint brush and get rid of as much dust as you can.

  cheerup347 09:27 19 Aug 2007


it would more likely be overheating as it doesnt do it for a while when my computers on.

i will clear it all out and see whats what using the temperature gauge thing.

that link that shows the amount of beeps is useless its impiossible to count the ammount of beeps, theyre so fast.

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