Help with start up relating to os

  Jimmy14 23:02 16 Apr 2006

My old computer currently has Xp Professional installed. I know it is unusual but I preferred it with Windows ME on it because the spec of it isnt that good and it cant meet the demanding application in XP.
I want to put Windows ME back on it. When It starts up it says press F1 for setup and i do but it just goes straight buy it and boots up xp.

Can anyone help me on how to install ME back on to it.

  LastChip 23:19 16 Apr 2006

It depends whether you have data you wish to save, whether you have one or more hard drives (or partitions) whether you have a CD/DVD burning capability and whether you have a floppy drive.

If you care to come back with some answers, I'll be happy to point you in the right direction.

  Jimmy14 23:37 16 Apr 2006

I dont have any data I wish to save on it because I am now using my new laptop but would like to use ME on my old one.

I have a CD/DVD burning capability but my floppy drive on my old computer doesn't work any more and my new laptop hasnt got one

Hopefully this answers your questions and thanks for helping me


  Jimmy14 23:38 16 Apr 2006

I forgot to add that my old computer has a 80gb hdd and i have a seperate 20gb hdd external which was a mp3 player but I use it for storage and of course my new laptop hdd

  terryf 23:42 16 Apr 2006

I found this click here with a google, there are other sites that may help,

  LastChip 23:50 16 Apr 2006

click here for a boot CD. Sorry, it's a bit of a large download, but you could leave it overnight if you wish. (If you had a working floppy, it would be a lot simpler!).

Burn the CD. Set your desktop machine to boot from a CD (via the BIOS - let me know if you need more information on that) and boot into the boot CD.

Navigate to Darik's Boot and Nuke and run the program.


You will now have a hard drive that is "as new". Pop your ME disc into the machine and install.

  Jimmy14 00:06 17 Apr 2006

I have already started downloading the file from which is 158 mb and is a .zip file.

My internet connection speed is 2mb so it says that it is at 21% downloaded and has 13 minutes left.

Am I doing it right and once again I am extremely grateful for you helping me


  LastChip 00:49 17 Apr 2006

When you've got it, you can check the checksum if you wish to verify the download, but it's not totally necessary.

When you've got it, unzip to a directory of your choosing and take a look at the files. I suspect you'll find a "readme" with instructions on how to proceed.

You've opted for the full download, the smaller one would have been sufficient, but it just means you've got the whole disc for future use, should you need it.

  Jimmy14 00:58 17 Apr 2006

I still have a problem. When I start my old desktop I cannot get into the BIOS at all. It says press delete to run setup and I do but it still boots up xp, is there any other way to get into the bios then it would probably work fine

Thanks James

  LastChip 01:08 17 Apr 2006

When you first switch the computer on from cold, press and hold down Delete and you should get into the BIOS. Sometimes it's easy to miss the "window" that allows BIOS entry.

I'll look in later today and see how your doing.

  Jimmy14 01:13 17 Apr 2006

OK thanks anyway, I have tried holding down the del key as long but the loading bars just come up for xp and it loads into xp.

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