Help with Spyware Termanator

  Jade 14 G 18:47 01 Apr 2007

After pc crashing and having to uninstall the above through add and remove, then had to do system testore a few times , the spyware came back , still listed in add and remove but cannot remove it as it says it does not exist. It is in my taskbar as well and screens are coming on a few times, how can l get it out permantly.

  Stuartli 19:39 01 Apr 2007

Is there an Uninstall option via Programs>Spyware Terminator.

Could be worth reinstalling and then uninstalling it again.

  bof:) 19:41 01 Apr 2007

Hi Jade 14 G, can you give us alittle more information as to what the name of the spyware is/ how it affects your pc/ what antivirus checker you are using, and has it found anything when you run it/ what spyware remover programs you are using, again did it find anything when you run it?/ have you got a firewall set up? If so which one.

Which operating system are you using?

have you tried deleting via add/remove whilst in safemode?

have you updated all virus/spyware removers before running them?

If you are not using any antivirus/spyware removal programs/fire wall

click here

this is an excellent site by Skidzy

  Jade 14 G 22:48 01 Apr 2007

I use aol 9 and Xp and use avg, zone alarm,adaware persnal, ccleaner, spybot and the one causing trouble is spyware terminater all told by the members and every thing is great but terminater is the newest by 6 weeks.
I did send another thread but didn't get picked up.
Last night started to look at comic relief dvd first time and when l clicked to look full screen my pc crashed,when it came back taskbar was up right side icons up left and writing was like chinece going up, l dragged taskbar down but was stuck with other stuff so for the very last time rang aol help. This week will be joining some other as had phone slamed down twice shouted at then told me they only learn basic stuff which by then l knew.
So only thing l could think of was to try and twist my self round and see if l could get to system restore, when you can hardlu walk its not easy but did it in safe mode, in the end did it three more times, was past caring by then but on the fourth time evrything came right and terminater came back.Everything was updated s its set on auto but am online most times so knowing itsdoing its job.
Sorry about answering late but had to eat as never got to last night, Also no choice for uninstaling in programs .

  bof:) 11:07 03 Apr 2007

Hi Jade 14 G, please go to this site:

click here

and download and run a program called Hijackthis.

if you can make a folder for it and download it into that folder. It has to be downloaded into its own folder.

Once you have done this, go to here:

click here

and read the 1st article called 'Please read this BEFORE posting to this board'.

You then need to register with the site (its free as is the help they will give you).

Once registered, run Hijackthis which will create a 'Log' which you copy and paste on the second link I've given you.

Make sure you tick the 'New Topic' button to get a clean page and then paste your Hijackthis log onto there. Also give a brief description of whats happening to your pc.

The MRU (Malware Removal University) site is run by very dedicated people, they will be able to find out what infections you have on your pc and help you to get rid of them.


  Jade 14 G 13:05 03 Apr 2007

Thanks, have only just come online so will do it as soon as l have had lunch so thanks
As above a friend sent the longest email l have ever got and one of the last things was to use hijak but there was a lot before and the bit l had to type in was like a pretty small card with stars and spots and stuff, never seen anything like it but yet she works in computers.
But like the sound of yours as can miss all her stuff out.

  bof:) 16:58 04 Apr 2007

ok would you please let us know how you get on.

If MRU find any nasties that they get rid of and this solves your problem will you kindly tick the resolved box. This will aid others with the same problem when they read this posting.

Mike :)

  Jade 14 G 18:46 04 Apr 2007

Well l scanned the pc with everything online and off, downloaded spybot and spyware blaster and deleted all temp files and cookies which l hate doing as you have to look up all user details but l thought it was best, also used ccleaner at the start. Spyware blaster found one name that they wanted me to delete to be sure and it was a German company name. All l have to do is higjack but after the last days being on the pc for ten and eleven hours had a day of today.
One thing l didn't agree with the friends email is she wanted me to delete and not use again and that was avg but l have used it for five years and it scans everyday and l don't have to remember to do it as it does it itself and l have always been happy with it. I had Nortons at the start of using computers and not knowing a lot ended up have a virus in 123 files so after advice from here, l got avg and have not had a problem since with it and avg is always is always quick to grab anything that could be a virus and now spyware seems to be more of a problem.
So have done a lot but pc is running quicker no problems and is clean,

  bof:) 00:30 05 Apr 2007

Hi Jade, I also use the free version of AVG and have done for years with very few problems. I think whether you use AVG or Nortons is often personal choice, I know there are members of this forum who are users of either.

Are you now saying that the icon in your taskbar has gone now and your pc is no longer crashing?

Personaly I'd still run hijackthis and send the log it generates off to MRU just to get them to confirm you are now virus/malware free.

I also use 2 other free programs on my pc. These are A-squared (a trojan hunter) and ad awareSE this compliments spybot s&d.

ad awareSE
click here

click here


  Jade 14 G 13:09 05 Apr 2007

Well another problem today , my keyboard would not type on the screen but l took the plug out for a bit and fine now. The number locks lights were off, l fixed it but that was by closing it down and re-starting but do you know of a button to put the light on as had a book on it and was wondering with a heavy book on the keyboard it might have switched it of.
The spyware terminater icon is still there and it says the shield is still working but it was uninstalled at add and remove but and with me using system restore its just left the icon and the name is back in add and remove but if l try to uninstall it says its not there and there isn'an uninstall with it all progs so was going to go and see at the website if they can help. The friend with all instrutions said to switch of system restore of then restart and it will go but haven't tried it as i can't see how it will do i.
Have ad aware but l was thinking about asquare

  Stuartli 13:29 05 Apr 2007

You should have a Num Lock key on your keyboard on the numerical section (right hand side).

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