Help with sourcing Power Supply for Printer

  Bagsey 08:30 07 Mar 2003

I was recently given a HP 660c printer for our school but I find that it needs a special transformer power supply. Can anyone suggest a source to obtain one. It obviously must be cheap as I could possibly buy a new printer at the price I was told that it would cost (If I could find One)Perhaps somone could suggest an alternative to the regular HP unit.

  €dstow 08:35 07 Mar 2003

Internal power units are invariably of special design and not available other than from the manufacturer of the product (as you have found out) at a price comparable to a new printer (as you have also found out).

Don't hold too much hope out for getting a replacement.


  Bandy 08:50 07 Mar 2003

I presume you are talking about an external power supply - a transformer on a lead effectively. I recently bought a similar item for an HP 690 and I agree the new cost can be high.

This site is a good one for HP printer parts and are very good click here however I bought mine in the end from an ebay auction for about £10, however they don't come up that often.

  Bagsey 14:51 07 Mar 2003

Thanks for the info. The site you sent me Bandy proved as I thought, it will be cheaper to by a new printer. I hoped that somone would know the voltage needed etc. so that I could adapt a different power supply but so far I have not been able to find this info.
Once again thanks.

  Bandy 17:49 07 Mar 2003

I think, but haven't had chance to check, that the 669 uses the same power supply as the 690.

If that's the case its a 30 volt,400mA, 12 watt, supply.

On the 690 I'm using a C2177A supply

I'll confirm as soon as I can check the 660

  Bandy 17:29 08 Mar 2003

confirm the voltages are the same as quoted above

  Nitin 02:54 09 Mar 2003

Need a cheap power supply unit. Any suggestions for this? Thanks

  Maddie 11:17 09 Mar 2003

Think i may have one in junk box
will check & let you know.

  Maddie 11:50 09 Mar 2003

Have HP Power Adaptor C6409-60014.
I see call is now closed but if you can confirm
its correct part and is of use to you e-mail me
with Addr and i will post.

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