help with sorting my hardrive please

  misty72 09:05 23 May 2007

My computer is running very slow,i am almost sure i dont have any virus/spyware problems as i regulary run anti-virus etc, (i have avg free,a squared and spybot installed).I have also defragmented.
The problem (i think) is the hardrive has to much on it, i have removed programes i dont need but there is still a lot of stuff there that i dont want to touch as im not sure what they are!
I was thinking of getting the hardrive cleaned professionaly and maybe getting more memory added (if thats possible). Does anyone have an idea of how much this would cost, i dont want to be ripped off!
also how do i check how much memory the hardrive has?
thanks in advance.

  Diemmess 09:27 23 May 2007

? How much space on HD.... Click My Computer and right click on Drive C:
Choose Properties and you should see a pie chart and the amount of free space and the total size all shown there.

Forget "professional cleaning" at this stage, it is almost bound to disappoint you.

Help everyone to help you by saying what version of Windows you are running?

There are a lot a ways to help you, but the information you can give may avoid sending you up a blind alley

  misty72 09:36 23 May 2007

thanks diemmess for youre reply,
I have 16.9gb of used space and 53.8gb of free space!
i am using windows xp.

  wee eddie 09:38 23 May 2007

I assume that most of the programs on the Hard Drive are not Programs. Many Folders could be written to CD or an External USB Hard Drive.

Give the details that Diemmess has asked also do a scan with "Belarc" click here and it will give you a rundown on the PC, it's Specs and Contents, at the bottom is a list of all the Software you have installed.

  FreeCell 09:42 23 May 2007


FRom your response, your hard drive has plenty of space and this isn't the reason you are running slow. Must be another reason.

Have you run CCleaner? click here

This will remove any of the "junk" files that may be clogging up Windows.

What is the PC you are using? Is your version of XP up to date with all MS updates?

  wee eddie 09:44 23 May 2007

If less that 512MB, then a little more might be in order, as 512MB is really XP's base line. Putting my Laptop up to 1GB really transformed it.

There should be no problem with content.

Any idea of what you have opening at Startup.

  misty72 09:46 23 May 2007

yes freecell i have ran ccleaner as far as i know xp is up to date with ms updates as it is set for automatic updates.

Wee eddie thanks i will give that a try.

  keef66 09:47 23 May 2007

Your problem isn't being caused by a hard drive which is too full; you've only used a quarter of it.

Do you have lots of programs running at startup?

Click Start / Run, type msconfig in the box, and click OK. Click on the startup tab to see how many things are launched at startup

  misty72 09:51 23 May 2007

wee eddie
how do i check how much ram?
On startup a few things open,E-trust anti-virus opens that i no longer use (it was installed when i got pc) but i cant uninstall it as my computer crashes when i do. Sorry cant remember what else opens i would need to take a note when i restart pc

  misty72 10:01 23 May 2007

ok just looked at startup,there are 28 items 20 of them are checked, here are a few of them- vt timer, rec guard, sound man?
Dont have a clue what they are.

  wee eddie 10:03 23 May 2007

Run Belarc. It's free and will give you a list of most everything. It only takes a couple of minutes

There are other Downloads that do this but most are more complex and only useful when you start diving deeper.

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