laptopdunce 11:03 07 Jan 2013

I asked this earlier and thought it was a new laptop getting up to speed but there is DEFINITEY a problem with the updates not loading on my new Sony Vaio windows 7 laptop, as soon as I log off there are 24 updates and it says they are installing but as soon as I log on again and then log off the updates (24) are still having to be installed, I have opened control panel and chosen automatic updates but this is still happening, what can I do?? thanks LAPTOPDUNCE (is it something to do with the UAC that has to be disabled??)

  northumbria61 21:06 07 Jan 2013

You will have more control over Windows Updates if you alter your settings to "Download updates but let me choose whether to install them" - this is done via Control Panel - Windows Updates - Change Settings. You can then choose between the critical updates and optional updates.

It is sometimes better to install either single updates which will take longer or a few at a time also with Windows Updates and Software Updates I find it is best to keep these updates separate.

  laptopdunce 14:16 10 Jan 2013

I actually found that by uncrossing the box for microft PRODUCT updates did the trick, all the 23 updates were for a microsoft word/excel programme that I dont have on this laptop, now it just does all the downloads specific to the windows 7 properly on automatic updates and I dont get any of those annoying updates on shutdown anymore, thanks LAPTODUNCE

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