help somebody keeps scanning my pc

  dawnyworld 14:03 23 Mar 2004

hi all

3 days last weeks and 2 day this week ( so far )
somebody is trying to scan my pc its being pickup by sygate firewall its the same 2 ip addresses in banks of 3 events.
my pc is quite secure ive run both sygate security check and sheilds up scan of wich both say my ports are totaly stealthed.
its just its getting realy annoying and i dont know who or how to reports this

thx DW

  dawnyworld 14:09 23 Mar 2004

also different ports being scanned each time

  GaT7 14:41 23 Mar 2004

Well, by the sounds of it someone is trying to scan but they haven't succeeded, have they? Some of these warnings are false alarms anyway. IMHO would have to say just ignore them.

If you'd also like to try the security scans at these Symantec sites [both are slightly different as you'll see from this thread - click here] - 1. click here & 2. click here , and a 3rd scan at - click here .

  dawnyworld 15:02 23 Mar 2004

tryed them all secure dont think there false alarms though coz ive been useing sygate now for yrs an never had this before

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 15:06 23 Mar 2004

Sounds like your isp doing scans most do mine does loads and sygate picks them up when all the options are ticked it never stops flashin lol.Click the whois part and when it finds the ip should be a [email protected] link in there somwhere.


  struggle8 15:13 23 Mar 2004

hey I have the same prob with tiscali keeps trying to scan pc keep using the abuse reply but have had no reply as of yet to tell me why they want to have a look in my private pc

  GaT7 15:16 23 Mar 2004

Still suggest to simply ignore them. Have to admit I don't know much about Sygate. I use Norton internet security & don't get intrusion alerts for months on end. Then for a few days I may get many alerts. At times it's easy to get paranoid, but I've learnt to ignore them & just continue as normal.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:35 23 Mar 2004

You are not being scanned. Turn off the 'alerts' they are merely 'handshakes' and false alarms. No one is going to hack or scan a home computer.


  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 16:01 23 Mar 2004

My ISP BT says in the email i had from them that they do the scan to determine if there are any ports open
on the PC as having certain ports open invalidates the agreement as certain ports used by Trojans.

Dont know if other isps do this tho.


  Indigo 1 16:10 23 Mar 2004

Most if not all ISP's will check to see if your PC is still connected from time to time. It's nothing to worry about and should not cause any problems, as Gandalf says you will not have anything on your PC that will be of interest to so called "Hackers".

It sounds like you have plenty of security and running in stealth mode will hide you from all but the most persistent attacks, but if you have nothing to hide then don't worry.

  dawnyworld 16:21 23 Mar 2004

ive just telephoned my isp who have assured me that they would not be scanning my pc ,and they pointed me in the direction of there abuse team
as i have over 1400 logged attempts.

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