Help so slow..................

  jessie .x..x.x 15:46 02 Dec 2006

Hi all,

Over the last 4 days my ADSL MAX connection speeds have been very low.

I have been testing my speed at - click here

My speed use to vary from 900 kbps(peak time) to 4100 kbps(after midnight)

But now I am getting a very low speedtest result of 281 kbps

Why is this ? I have not changed anything. Is this a problem at the BT end ??

I have included screenshots of the results for you to look over -

click here

click here

click here

Do these seem ok ??

Look forward to reading all your responses

Jes x

info -
XP Pro and latest updates
plugged into test point in master socket

  GEEKSTA 15:58 02 Dec 2006

just a suggestion, have you tried temporarily deleting the programs running in the background which may slow your computer down?

  GEEKSTA 16:02 02 Dec 2006

im not sure that your screen shots work?

  jessie .x..x.x 16:07 02 Dec 2006

Yes, I have tried stopping the programs running in background. I only currently have my Kaspersky antivirus running.
Most of the other items in `Services` have been disabled or on manual.

Jes x

  GEEKSTA 16:08 02 Dec 2006

ok sorry then, i have no more ideas left.

  skidzy 16:27 02 Dec 2006

Couple of options for you to try:

1) Open the configuration page for the Netgear and change the Channel number from 11, to let say 6

2) Also dropping the MTU value to around 1400 may help.

However i think you need to run your tests at all times,not just peak times.
This may be an exchange problem,have you contacted BT to see if any work is been carried out on the line.

Couple of more testers to try click here
click here

  Dipso 16:47 02 Dec 2006

Hi jessie .x..x.x,

I'm with IDNet too. I was having a few problems myself up to yesterday but I disconnected my router for a few hours and it now seems to have improved. I did check on the IDNetters forum but nobody else was reporting any issues so I presumed it was at my end.

Posting your line stats is a good starting point. They show you sync at 5184 and your noise margin is 6 which is fine. With that sync speed you should be on a 4500 profile i.e. you should see speeds of up to 4.5 Meg on a good day.

Try and do this test to find out if your profile is lower than it should be. This would explain the problems you are having. Try this
click here or if it's busy this click here and post back with the results. You may have to persevere.

You could also check the current status of your exchange click here

  jessie .x..x.x 16:59 02 Dec 2006

Thanks for all the replies.

Skidzy - I have even tested the speed at 2.00 am and its still terrible.
Going to enter the new values and restart pc

Dipso - here are the results

click here

What do you think ??

  Dipso 17:06 02 Dec 2006

"IP profile for your line is 283kbps"

This is your problem...end of.

You must at some point have synced very low, under 600kbps? possibly due to some noise event on your line, e.g using an unfiltered phone. As a result your profile has dropped in line with the low sync.

Providing you maintain your current sync for 3 days your profile hould update and your high download speeds will be restored.

FWIW this has nothing to do with BT or your ISP, it's at your end.

  Steve M 22:44 03 Dec 2006

Just one tip before you call in BT engineers .. they will only check (with their own equipment)at the master socket with all of your internal wiring disconnected.To save time,and the possibility of a visit charge,you should 'split'the faceplate of your m/socket and connect directly into the test point that will be revealed (using a microfilter).
The M/socket is normally the 1st socket where the external wiring enters the premises. The 'splittable' ones have 2 screws visible approx 1 3rd up from the bottom.If the screws are in the middle,like a light switch,you wont be able to split it.However you are then entitled to call in BT as they must provide you with a way of testing

  jessie .x..x.x 16:54 13 Dec 2006

All sorted now, connection 4 meg +

view screenshot here -

click here


jes x

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