Help! Sky broadband

  Bigbaz1979 00:24 09 Apr 2007

I have Sky broadband and I'm none too happy with it. It is getting slower as the weeks go by.

My 16MB connection is now only barely over 3MB.

I have asked them for months for help and you get nothing. Finally last week an engineer looked into the connection, he claims he has stabilized it but can't increase speed.

Surely nobody can say 3MB from a 16MB connection is acceptable?

What are my rights, what should they have to provide as a minimum?

Also as advice to others I can only say avoid Sky at all costs.

One of the most useless services I have ever had to use

  Bigbaz1979 10:52 09 Apr 2007

Here goes for a daft question..
What are line stats found in router?

I have spent ages on the phone and run through all of their tests.

They finally moved it to stage 3 and he engineer only left a message saying it was the distance from exchange that was the problem.

I'm not actually sure where the exchange as new town to me and don't know how to locate it.

Even still, before I signed up to the service, sky ran there line checks and said broadband max 16MB was available to me in my area.

What is the laws regarding what they have to provide?

I know a perfect 16MB connection is never going to happen but surely I don'y have to accept a connection running at only 20%?

  Bigbaz1979 11:46 09 Apr 2007

Did a search and found I live 2 miles from the exchange.

IS that ok?

  Underdogs 12:00 09 Apr 2007

It's is not the distance you are from the exchnge asthat has not altered since the day you 1st used sky and you had a reasonable speed.
I think its to do with an ever increasing number of sky users on the line. At the start, you were shaing the line with maybe 10 other users but now it's up to it's maximum of 50.
5 times as many users means 5 times slower which is about what you said at the start.
Hope this helps and you are not on your own....

Michael Brumby

  Underdogs 12:05 09 Apr 2007

Sky agree to provide a speed 'UPTO 16Mb' and its the 'UPTO' they can use as a get out, however the law would look at 3Mb and ask what would a 'Reasonable' person expect to be a Reasonable speed.
I suspect that 3Mb would not cut it and I wait for the 1st test case, which should be soon...

Michael Brumby

  Daveboy 12:25 09 Apr 2007

My guess is that the wording states "Up to" 16 meg, therefore pretty much anything between say 250 Kbps to 16000 Kbps is acceptable !
Tha line stats found in your router are varied, look for Downstream attenuation - this is the line "loss" from exchange to you, this is distance related (as well as the various types of cable your line is carried on) a rough guide is 11dB is approx 1 Km of cable.
Downsream SNR (margin) is probabbly set at source so above 12 dB would indicate less favourable line conditions.
Error checks, the fewer errors the better , again an indication of poor line.
Contention is a possible culprit, best checked by logging in at unsavoury hour when all and sundry are tucked up ! (Not a lot you can do about that one.

  Dipso 12:39 09 Apr 2007

"Here goes for a daft question..
What are line stats found in router?"

Not sure what you meant by that? A lot can be deduced by obtaining these. Nowhere in this post have you mentioned what speed your router actually connects at, is this 3 Meg or is this higher.

If your router only connects at 3 Meg there's no way your going to get more than that unless you either check out your internal wiring as per this click here or move house.

This tool can estimate what speed you are likely to get with ISP's such as Sky click here It suggest that your attenuation may be ~60db.

  newearwax 14:25 09 Apr 2007

T hope this is not disallowed in PCA, but FWIW, have you looked in on Sky User forum. They have a major section on Sky BB

click here

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