Help shopping for hardware to go wireless

  chaztait 02:28 15 May 2005

Hi i have 2 Desktop computers and a laptop, i want to connect them all throught a wireless router so that the two desktop computers are connected to it via cables and the laptop via wireless.

I am currently connected to NTl Boradband and want to purchase a wirless router.

I had a little look and found this one to be of interest click here

Could anyone say if this is a good buy, if it will work with my systems and any other good buys.

All computers are running Windows XP SP2, the 2 desktop computers have ethernet ports and my laptop has a slot for the wireless card....i think the laptop is a Sony Vaio k215b click here.

thank you

chaz tait

also what kind of range can these things go up to?

  wiz-king 08:11 15 May 2005

I think your main problem will be where you are going to put it. Wireless networks dont like old buildings, the signal wont go through thick brick walls. Ideally the laptop should be able to see the router or only have thin partition walls in the way, wood floors not a problem, plaster ceilings ok but concrete floors are often a no no.

  chaztait 11:28 15 May 2005

Right ok ..... my buliding is like 100 years old and has thick brick walls but i am only going to be using it round the back garden. Well i know that it will work in the front as the router would just be in the front bedroom upstairs.

So what you are saying is its not looking good for the back garden.

The router would have to go through one brick wall and then out the back window and thats it, would that not be ok?

  Taff36 11:51 15 May 2005

Recommend click here I have bought 3 of these and they are great. Note they have 4 ports for cables AND it comes with one USB Dongle that will attach to your laptop. Perhaps not quite as convenient as a WiFi card bit I have to say that the dongle can either fit directly into the USB port on the computer or attach via athe cable (provided) and a very heavy base to sit on a desk.

In an office environment I have fitted one of these in a 100 year old building to wirelessly connect 3 computers. One on each of 3 floors. I bought 2 extra Belkin dongles but these have lightweight bases and fall over a lot! But they were only £20 each + VAT. The D-Link dongle is about £10 more expensive to buy on it`s own. The router is on the middle floor and I can connect my laptop to it from about 30 metres away (The Car Park) I can also see a Belkin Router located next door through a structural wall.

Set Up is easy even for a novice like me, I`ve only set up three systems so forgive me if I`m biased! Available in store from last week at the stated price - end gondolas of them. Available on line slightly cheaper but I`s suggest you buy in store. If it doesn`t work you can simply take it back under their guarantee. (Unpack it very carefully) Incidentally - I threw away the belkin USB cable and bases and simply plugged the transmitter directly into a spare USB cable in the back of the other computers. They worked fine but I am fearful that if someone moves the box unit backwards under their desk it will get damaged. Hope this helps.

  chaztait 12:06 15 May 2005

i have 2mb broadband will this click here take advantage of its speed or wil it be slower?

  chaztait 17:15 15 May 2005

Ok i bought a Router, cable and wirless card for laptop. Right now i am sitting round my back and the signal i approx 50%...not bad so thats it up and only took me like 30 mins!!!

That aint bad for a first time

thanxs everyone


  Taff36 17:22 15 May 2005

Was it the one I suggested or did you find another deal? Just Curious!

  wiz-king 19:53 15 May 2005

to set the encryption!

  chaztait 00:27 16 May 2005

right it was a Belkin High Speed Mode Wireless G Router i bought it down at my local compter shop, how to you set the encryption

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