Help Setting up Wirleless with Talk Talk - please!

  Tinderstick 16:08 26 Aug 2008


Can anyone help me set up my wireless? SHould be straightforward but the instructions are useless!

I have the basic Talk Talk package and have their modem. I bought a Sitecom 300N Router. I plugged an ethernet cable from the router into the modem but my wireless wouldn't pick up the connection? The instructions say to do this and then point my browser to their site to configure but I cannot even get the PC to recognise the router. I have a Dell Inspiron 9300 laptop with an Intel Pro(R) 2200BG Wireless (or is it Broadcom 440X??). If anyone can talk me through it would be greatly appreciated (NB - the Sitecom helpdesk were useless!)


  mgmcc 17:39 26 Aug 2008

I'm not sure that you've bought the correct type of router. The "Sitecom 300N" appears to be a "Cable/DSL" router suitable for use with Virgin's Cable service. With ADSL, a *combined* Router & ADSL Modem is used and this replaces a USB ADSL modem. If your ADSL modem does actually support an ethernet connection, it may be possible to use a Cable/DSL Router with it, but there are generally problems trying to do this because the routers don't normally support the PPPoA protocol used by ADSL in the UK.

Also, when configuring a wireless router, you should initially connect the PC to it by ethernet cable, *NOT* wirelessly. The reason for this is the "chicken & egg" situation - you cannot connect to it wirelessly because it hasn't been configured and you cannot configure it because you cannot connect wirelessly, hence the initial use of a "wired" connection.

  Tinderstick 18:33 26 Aug 2008

thanks for the swift reply. Hmmm, not sure if it is compatible or not now. The modem I have (that came free from Talk Talk) is this one:

click here

Does this indicate to you if it's compatible? It does seem to support an ethernet connection. The Sitecome documentation recommends using the router with a USB Adapter which I don't have. I assumed it would simply communicate with my wifi card.

  mgmcc 18:53 26 Aug 2008

Which of the four ADSL Modems on that page is the one that you have?

  Tinderstick 18:54 26 Aug 2008

oops, sorry! it's the one at top left, the Huawei Smart AX MT882

  mgmcc 19:38 26 Aug 2008

OK, try this:

1) Make sure that you are able to get online with the Modem connected directly to the computer by *ETHERNET* cable, not USB.

2) If that has worked alright, power everything off, disconnect the network cable from the PC and plug it instead into the router's *WAN* (Wide Area Network or Internet) port. Plug a second ethernet cable from one of the router's LAN ports to the PC's network port.

3) Power on the Modem and, when fully booted, power on the Router. Finally boot the PC.

The router should get the IP address allocated by the ISP and it in turn will allocate a LAN IP address to the PC, using one of the address ranges reserved for Local Area Networks, most commonly a "192.168" address.

Once that is up and running, you can configure the router's wireless settings so that you can connect wirelessly and remove the network cable between the router and the PC.

  Tinderstick 20:43 26 Aug 2008

thanks - looking promising - I can connect to the IP address that comes with the router manual - however, in the Wizard it is asking me for my ISP Hostname and Mac Address - with "Clone Mac Address" button underneath.

SOrry for all the no brainer questions, but what should I enter here? I have a username and password allocated but cant get through to Talk Talk helpdesk to ask about the hostname.


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