help - setting up wireless!!

  sarjane 08:32 01 Oct 2007

Hi Guys,

Am new to this and apologies if this has already been dealt with previously but have not had time to go through all threads!!

Am not very technical (!!) so would be grateful for any help/ advice.

Basically have an old Dell laptop (with XP on it) which I have used for dial up connection at home. Just had Broadband in (Virgin Media) and would like to set up wireless with this Dell. The Braodband works on my work laptop on wired connection.

Dell laptop has no Ethernet connection - have tried to buy a USB/Ethernet connection and while the "PC" light on the wired modem comes on I cant get any internet pages to come up. Not sure if this adaptor works or if I should give up!!

Have bought a Belkin G wireless modem. Tried to set it up via my work laptop but dont think I can do this as it has too many access restrictions on it. Did find however that when I loaded the set up disk the first page did not even come up with an "Easy Install" option?? Does this only come up when its connected via wired connection or could there be a fault with the disk??

Any ideas on how I get my Dell onto wireless internet OR do I just give up and buy a newer laptop???

Any help would be appreciated....

Many thanks

  Ashrich 09:18 01 Oct 2007

Have the drivers for the USB to Ethernet device loaded properly ? Have a look in device manager to see if it has any yellow triangles over it . Open your browser ( IE ) and under tools/internet options/connections , tick the box that says " do not dial a connection " As for setting up the Belkin , don't worry about the disk , just open your browser again and type into the address bar .. , press enter and you will get to the set up pages ( the manual will tell you if there is any password and user name to type in at the login page ) and enter your ISP details from there .


  Ashrich 09:19 01 Oct 2007

Forgot to say , only connect to the Belkin with an ethernet cable to set it up .


  sarjane 10:52 01 Oct 2007

Thanks Ashley. Will try what you have suggested when I get home later.

Do you think the fact that its an older laptop shouldnt cause difficulties as long as I can sort out linking it via Ethernet?? My view has been that I only want it for basic stuff at home and as it has happily worked with dial up it should be ok....

  dms05 13:01 01 Oct 2007

Your old Dell should be more than adequate. I have a very old Toshiba without an Ethernet connection and just one USB port and I can use that wired and wireless. For the wired I use a PCMCIA Ethernet card but my laptop is so old it needs a 16 bit rather than 32 bit card. For WiFi I use a 16 bit Netgear PCMCIA card (MA402 I think). They both work fine. I had to buy both adaptors 2nd user off ebay as they aren't available retail.

  Ashrich 16:24 01 Oct 2007

If you can tell me which model Dell you have I can look at the specs , although as dms05 says , a PCMCIA card would be ideal if the USB to ethernet doesn't work .


  Strawballs 17:07 01 Oct 2007

What type of Virgin connection do you have? If cable I hope you mean Belkin G wireless router! Because if cable you connect the router to your cable modem via the WLAN port on the router by wire then to the router via ethernet untill the wireless and security have been set up.

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  sarjane 17:33 01 Oct 2007

Hi - many thanks all

Yes it is wireless router!! Assume I still need to connect Dell laptop to it to set up wireless connection though so still need to get around the lack of Ethernet issue...

Its an old Dell Lattitude - not sure which model...

  Ashrich 18:01 01 Oct 2007

Hello again , does it have one or two PC Card slots ( PCMCIA ) on it's side ( slot/s on one of the sides with a little lengthways flappy door ). Right click on My Computer on it , and select " properties " it will give us some more info about it , and I'll ask again , do you get your broadband through the phone line or from a cable modem ?


  sarjane 18:05 01 Oct 2007


At work at moment still unfortunately and Dell laptop at home!! It has 2 PC Card slots on it. Cant check "My Computer" info at moment.

Via cable modem.

Thanks again!!

  Ashrich 18:27 01 Oct 2007

That's Ok then , you could use a 32 bit PC Card adapter , they are easy to get hold of , 3Com and Xircom ones are usually the best , and with XP don't always need drivers as XP has them built in . When it comes to setting up the wireless router you'll have to remove the power to the cable modem for a few minutes to allow it to disassociate itself with the MAC address of your work laptop , it will attach itself to just one and not allow any others until it has been unplugged for a few minutes , then you can restart it with nothing else attached to it , then attach the wireless router via the cable modem's ethernet cable to the routers WAN port , power up the router and leave for a minute or two , then attach router to whichever laptop you can using a new ethernet cable and then power on the laptop , open a browser and type in to the address bar to enter the set up pages and let it find the internet connection , try connecting and if successful you can then enable some encryption . If you do the setting up from your work laptop you might be able to have the old one using wireless as well using a PC Card wireless adapter instead of a wired connection .


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