Help setting up Using 2 PC's on Internet via ADSL

  clarkyicm 15:53 03 Feb 2003

How do I use two PC's simultaneously on one internet connection via adsl. PC's are already networked via a 10/100 ethernet card in each and a UTP cable for file/printer sharing.

ADSL arriving this week so need to know if I need any new kit Hub? Router?

Any help configuring greatly received.

  Kegger 16:10 03 Feb 2003

I would advise an ADSL router, there are a lot of models available. i have set up a Buffollo and Nokia ip55 onto my home LAN, all six PC's have internet access, as well as my laptop via wireless. everything else connects via the IP55 to a 10/100mb switch 16 port. (i have printers using tcp/ip as well)everything then uses NAT to use the web via the IP55. it is not that hard to set up if you have a bit of network experience. i will look out a few articles and forward them on to you if you wish

  scotty 16:13 03 Feb 2003

Install Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) on to the pc with the internet connection. No new hardware should be required.

  Kegger 16:17 03 Feb 2003

Problem with ICS is that the PC that you are using must be switched on and connected, you will also experience connection issues when one pc leaves the internet it may kill the connection or it may not.

  clarkyicm 16:45 03 Feb 2003

Is ICS available on Windows 98?

  Kegger 16:52 03 Feb 2003

Yes, find it under accessories and then internet options or communications and then options

  clarkyicm 16:57 03 Feb 2003


I will try this when DSL is enabled.

What would you suggest if this causes serious problems on disconnection to the other PC logged on? Also, I may also be adding another PC to the network in the near future. Hub and Router? Not sure of the topology and which cables I will need.

  Kegger 17:23 03 Feb 2003

i used to use ICS on my home network, it is OK but does have a few irratable faults with dropping connections etc. the other thing is that it is a Microsoft protocol and doesn't allow you to use any IP network addresses that you set up, it overwrites with its own configuration. i found it easier to set up a small network on the private network ip address base. ie with a class C sub net using the router as the gateway with NAT (network address Translation) switched on which hides the network from the Internet. i then configured the Nokia IP55 via web browser into my network. all PC's see the local Lan and all have access to the web. I use a wireless Buffallo box to allow me to use the Laptop down stairs. there is indeed ADSL wireless boxes that you can buy that you could use as the web gateway / adls connection point. all you will need then are the wireless cards. The main reason for Static IP addresses is that i use network printers and print servers, which utilise ip. you can contact me direct at [email protected] i have written up the setting up of the network but the copy is at home.regards

  rct 20:16 03 Feb 2003

A router such as the Netgear DG814 would be a neat solution, but be aware that you will need two NICs for each PC (and maybe another switch) if you wish to maintain your std. network as the ADSL router acts as an internet gateway only.

  snooker 20:52 03 Feb 2003

what firewall do you use?
my isp is on a 98SE desktop and is wireless networked to my XP portable but I cant network from the portable when a firwewall is on.

  snooker 20:53 03 Feb 2003

what firewall do you use?
my isp is on a 98SE desktop and is wireless networked to my XP portable but I cant network from the portable when a firwewall is on.

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