help with setting up a laptop

  palinka 09:04 07 May 2008

I’m helping someone with a 6 year–old laptop that she has never really used but now needs for her new job. Her chief need is email. OS is XP.
Her partner used it and visited some dodgy websites and the AV is a couple of years out of date. I will run scans with A2, superantispyware, etc, etc, and install AVG. Other family menbers also used it but in future it will be used only by one prson.
Several small problems:
1. As set at present boot-up requires logging in with a password (there were originally 4 different users of this laptop). One of the users didn't use a password and at present that is the only access to the computer as my friend has forgotten her password!I can’t remember how to change the set-up so that there is effectively a single user and no need for a password/login.
2. Right clicking anywhere doesn’t produce a menu – instead a small window called “Easy launcher”. How can I get rid of this?
3.I can enlarge font size for her, but I seem to remember that doing this enlarges all font sizes, and therefore messes up the layout of web pages – is there any way round this? Her chief need short term is to be able to see the names under the desktop icons.

  Diodorus Siculus 10:37 07 May 2008

Is the option of restoring it to original state a reality? I mean, does it come with any soft of restore / backup disks? That would obviously be the most straightforward option.

What is the make and model?

  Taff™ 11:06 07 May 2008

1. Go to Control Panel>User Accounts and click on one of the logins you don`t want. You should be able to delete the account from there. Choose the option to delete files as well. This will remove the account. You should also be able to reset each users password. (These procedures assume that your login is an administrator account and not limited.)

Post back if you can`t do this.

  palinka 14:11 07 May 2008

Diodorus Siculus, it's a Toshiba Satellite 1000-Z2.
No disks available.
I'll try your suggestion, Taff™

  palinka 15:39 07 May 2008

Following Taff's suggestion I've been able to delete the other user accounts and get rid of the password.
Any suggestions please re the "Easy Launcher" which makes things difficult (not easy!).

  palinka 16:58 07 May 2008

there's another icon that I want to remove from the desktop - it's for MS Works Portfolio. Left clicking opens it, right clicking isn't available (see above) and add/remove programs will only re4move the entire Works program. Any suggestions, please.

  Diodorus Siculus 17:22 07 May 2008

A farfetched idea... how far back does system restore go?

  palinka 19:47 07 May 2008

earliest Sys Restore are 2 System Checkpoints in Jan 2006. Then 2 in each of Feb. & March 06. I don't know who in her family was using it around then; and for what. Might a restore to then create as many problems as it solves?

  Diodorus Siculus 21:46 07 May 2008

If you restore to an early date, you can always undo the restore afterwards.

But it's not without some risk...

  palinka 22:37 07 May 2008

I ran A2 which found and deleted 4 pieces of malware. Since then I've run Superantispyware and CCleaner which both found nothing, so I'm hopeful that the system is "clean". I haven't yet installed an ISP or AVG, but I really want to get rid of "Easy Launcher" before I do that so I'll have a go at restoring back to 2006 and see if that solves the problem. As you say, I can undo the restore. I'll create a restore point before I do it.

  palinka 18:35 08 May 2008

I created a restore point and then downloaded and ran PC Registry Mechanic , which found 179 examples where a registry value was "missing or invalid". Should I trust that analysis? (One of the items was something I know I had deliberately deleted - MS MOvie Maker). As far as I know it hasn't deleted or changed anything - requires that I register (and pay) to do that; BUT I now can't go back to Sys Restore points earlier than 6 may 08; whereas yesterday I could return to some in 2006.
I've re-run Superantispyware : it has found nothing.
THe real mystery and problem is the "Easy Launcher" which prevents all normal right click activity. No one seems to have heard of it.

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