Help with setting up Edimax AR-7084 ADSL Router

  lisalab1 13:48 18 Nov 2007

im trying to set up my new edimax AR-7084gA Wireless ADSL Modem Router on my pc through the ethernet cable.

im stuck at the wizard set-up page as I have to set the ISP manually as my orange home starter provider is not listed.
It say this below which Im confused which option to choose 1,2,3 or 4 to continue for Orange.....

If you cannot find the ISP from the wizard, please follow the procedures below to set the ISP settings manually.

Before configuring the ISP manually, please check with your ISP (Internet Service Provider) what kind of the service is provided such as PPPoE, PPPoA or RFC1483/2684. Gather the information as illustrated in the following table and keep it for reference.
1, PPPoE VPI/VCI, VC-based/LLC-based multiplexing, Username,Password (and Service Name).
2, PPPoA VPI/VCI, VC-based/LLC-based multiplexing, Username,Password.
3,RFC1483 Bridged VPI/VCI, VC-based/LLC-based multiplexing to use Bridged Mode.
4,RFC1483 Routed VPI/VCI, VC-based/LLC-based multiplexing, IP Address,Subnet Mask, Gateway Address, and Domain Name System (DNS) IP Address (It is a fixed IP Address).

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:45 18 Nov 2007
  lisalab1 15:09 18 Nov 2007

1, PPPoE VPI/VCI, VC-based/LLC-based multiplexing, Username,Password (and Service Name).
2, PPPoA VPI/VCI, VC-based/LLC-based multiplexing, Username,Password.

i guess the choice is either PPEoE or PPAoA as orange technical support encaosulation is to choose PPP over ATM right?

  lisalab1 18:40 18 Nov 2007

I managed to get through the set-up wizard but I still cannot access the internet. It just pops up with the internet connection wizard which is given me 3 options

1 - I want to sign up for a new internet access (my telephone line is connected to my modem) '
2 - I want to transfer my existing internet account to this computer (my telephone line is connected to my modem)
3 - I want to set up my internet connection manually, or I want to connect through a local area network (LAN)

Option 1 and option 2 doesn't work as it states that it cannot detect a modem. Is it because I haven't installed the networking usb adaptor? help

  lisalab1 21:21 18 Nov 2007

I tried restarting the wizard set-up on the router and the internet on my pc is not working.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:49 18 Nov 2007

0. Connect the Ethernet cable from the router’s WAN port to the LAN port of the modem.

PC LAN IP Configuration
1. Configure the PC LAN setting to automatically obtain an IP address from the router by following below steps.
* Click “Start” in the task bar then select the “Control Panel” to open it.
* Click “Switch to Classic View” on the left top to see more setting icon…

* Find an icon “Network Connection” then Double-Click to open the network connection setting.
* You will see an icon “Local Area Connection”, click the icon then Right-Click the mouse to open the sub-menu and select the “Properties” for setting the IP.

* Select the “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)” then click the “Properties”
* Ensure the parameters are checked in “Obtain an IP address automatically” and “Obtain DNS
server address automatically” then press “OK” to close.
2. Power on sequence for the networking devices and PC.
?? Firstly, power off the modem / router and PC.
?? Second, power on the modem / router followed by PC for next step.

Wireless Router Configuration – PPPoE
Note: Please do not run the PPPoE software; otherwise the
Internet connection for the router may fail.
1. Enter the router’s default IP address: “” into your
PC’s web browser and press “enter”.
2. The login screen below will appear. Enter the “User Name” and “Password” and click “OK” to login.
The default User name is “admin” and the Password is “1234”,
Note: It’s highly recommended to change and save Router's log-in settings in another location.

3. The main page will appear, click “Quick Setup”
Following example is for “PPPoE” WAN setting.
4. Select ‘(GMT) Greenwich Mean Time: (your country or city) then Click “Next” button.

5. Select “PPPoE xDSL”, the system will move into next step
6. Enter the “User Name” and “Password” that ISP provided and leave the others. (The “Service Name” can be blank) and click “OK” to save the setting then reboot the router
7. After reboot, your router is now ready for Internet connection. by cable.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:02 18 Nov 2007

Step 1: Router Configuration
1. To configure the WPA wireless security, open the Internet Explorer, type into
the address bar and press Enter.
2. At the User name prompt, type 'admin', Password prompt, type '1234' . Click on the 'OK'

3. The router setup page will be opened. Click on Interface Setup.
4. Then, click on Wireless.
1. Authentication Type is WPA?PSK
2. Encryption is TKIP
3. Enter your password in Pre?Shared Key. This key must be at least 8 characters and no space
in between. Note: This is the key you use to connect to the router wirelessly. eg: 12345678
4. Click Save to save the settings.
5. Once the router save the settings successfully, the current wireless connection will be disconnected. To re?connect the wireless connection to the secure network, please refer to
Step 2.

Step 2: Connect to the router with WPA Wireless Security
To connect the computer to the router with the above wireless security, please do the following:
In Windows XP with Service Pack 2
A) If you use Windows to configure the wireless connection.
1) Go to Control Panel, click on Network Connection, Right?click on Wireless Network
Connection go to it's Properties.
2) Click on Wireless Network tab. Delete all entries in Preferred Network and click OK to
save the setting.
3) In Network Connection again, Right?click on Wireless Network Connection and click View Available Wireless Network.
4) You will find the router detected in the network list. And it will show that it's a secure
network. Select the router and click Connect. When it prompts you for the WPA key, enter the WPA key to connect.
B) If you use Edimax wireless adapter/card, with third party Wireless Utilty software use the Utility to re?connect the wireless connection with the WPA Pre?shared Key.

Note: Windows 2000 or Windows XP with Service Pack 1 doesn’t support WPA security.

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