Help with setting up a ASROCK motherboard

  Giggle n' Bits 22:15 28 Sep 2006

Had to replace my damaged motherboard and was sold a ASRock K7Upgrade-600 to put my AMD Athlon AXDA2400DKV3C processor in it. I put it in the case fine and fitted all the bits like DVD, CDtr, Floppy drive, memory, a FX5200 AGP card oh and its also a new case.

The problem I got is the manual which has about 5 pages in english refers to Jumpers and don't know what to do with them.

Is there anyone with more know how who can help step me by step to sort it out please. I would be most greatfull.

  ed-0 23:23 28 Sep 2006

The first thing you need to do is to set the FSB.

The cpu you are using has a fsb of 266Mhz. So you need to set jumper 13 ( set of 3 ) click here are marked as FSB sel1, sel2 and sel3. The jumpers should be positioned as this. click here

the cpu has a multiplier of 15, so the jumpers on Jumper block 3. click here

You need to place them in this order. click here. Start from the top and they go ( have reversed them )

3 -2 - 1

so x for jumper > 0 for none.






  ed-0 23:30 28 Sep 2006

The multiplier block I pointed out, is a bit vauge.

I have highlighted the correct jumper settings in red for you. click here

This will replace the above screen shot.

  ed-0 23:46 28 Sep 2006


I take it as read, that you are running the board in default pin 462 mode and not the socket 754 mode.;-)

  Giggle n' Bits 23:55 28 Sep 2006

I have done the FSB set to the 266 FSB !

This block of 3 rows of 5 pins/jumpers currently have no jumpers on them.

I take is as you say, put them in the order as you have indicated in red? hope I have some of these little jumpers, just going to look in the box which I put away.

  Giggle n' Bits 23:57 28 Sep 2006

or is 462 design.

  ed-0 00:04 29 Sep 2006

You don't need the jumper caps for the 3 rows of 5 pins. I assumed you had them and just needed confirmation.

If you have ajusted the fsb, you can start with no jumper caps on, it should find the right multiplier.

The caps ( jumpers ) are sometimes used to force the multiplier to run faster, overclocking.

  ed-0 00:06 29 Sep 2006

I'm whacked, got to be up before 6 :-(

So am calling it a night.

Any problems, post back.

  Giggle n' Bits 00:22 29 Sep 2006

I can hear the drives making a noise and the fans all spin but not really putting anything on the screen.

Could this be a broken board ?

  ed-0 06:58 29 Sep 2006

Multiplier jumpers.

As you can see, they are not necessary, as said above. click here

Has your motherboard got 2 AGP slots? Are you using the top one. The one nearest the ATX power connector?

Still no go?

Disconnect everything that is not essential.

So pull out the IDE ribbon cables from the motherboard for hard drives, cdroms and floppy drive.

Take out all PCI cards, but leave the AGP in.

Use just one stick of memory.

Only have the keyboard and mouse connected at the rear.

So you have just 1 stick of ram in, an AGP card, your cpu and fan, the front panel connector just for the start button, keyboard and mouse and power in.

Now try.

If no go, try the monitor on a different machine.

off to work now

Good luck.

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