Help: serious problem with my pc

  pete2007 08:36 04 Mar 2007

Hi all,

I currently have a serious problem with my PC...

Basically a couple of days ago we installed sky broadband on our downstairs computer, then I tried to install a wireless network adapter on my computer upstairs... the apapter wouldn't be accepted so I was playing around with the PC for hours, then I deleted which I thought was the old network adapter driver... it did state that some files/programs will be effected if I deleted these files... me being annoyed for several hours and wondering what I needed to do in order to get the damn thing working went ahead with the deletion.

Shortly after this I had enough and shut down my PC... when I went to turn the PC back on is when the problem accured. The PC turned on for several seconds then powered down and then back on again, but with nothing being shown at all on the monitor... very weird...

So I opened up my PC as I couldn't do anything visually, and disconnected the hard drive, tried to turn the PC on and no luck... then I went on the CD ROM and tried to turn on the PC and it started but it wouldn't go into windows as I stated that my hard drive wasn't being picked up...

I placed my hard drive as a slave into my PC downstairs and it worked and I could view all my files etc... so I copied all the data on the downstairs hard drive... I then re-formatted the hard drive and placed it back into my PC (upstairs) but the same problems eccured

(The PC turned on for several seconds then powered down and then back on again, but with nothing being shown at all on the monitor)

So this time I just disconnected the keyboard, and then restarted the PC and it started up, so I placed my winxp cd into the drive and run though the program but then it stated that it doesn't pick up a hard drive to copy to... I have tried it from master to slave and still no luck...

Does anyone know why this is happening? Or has anyone else had this problem before? Any help would be most appreiated!

  Gongoozler 08:49 04 Mar 2007

"The PC turned on for several seconds then powered down" Did the computer give the usual POST beep?

  pete2007 08:54 04 Mar 2007

Thanks for the response.

No beeps at all, I can only hear the sound of the fans start up

  Gongoozler 09:33 04 Mar 2007

You have probably disturbed something on the motherboard. For no beeps at all, this sounds like it could be the processor heatsink. Check that the heatsink is properly seated, also check the memory and graphics card. If that is all OK, unplug all the drives from the motherboard and see if you can then get a POST beep. If that doesn't help, unplug everything from the motherboard except the CPU with heatsink, PSU, power switch and case speaker. If that doesn't help try resetting the CMOS. Still no beep? Unscrew the motherboard from the case and place it on insulating material such as a sheet of card. Still no beep? You have a faulty CPU, PSU or motherboard. The easiest to replace is the PSU, but you can only really tell which it is by substitution.

  birdface 10:01 04 Mar 2007

If it starts in safe mode,System restore,Or Last good configuration,

  Gongoozler 11:30 04 Mar 2007

My last posting is based on the assumption that the computer isn't even getting as far as completing POST and displaying the black and white BIOS screens. If I'm right then Windows will not even have started loading.

  pete2007 12:28 04 Mar 2007

Yes your right Gongoozler, I can't even get that far to get into safe mode, restore etc...

OK, I disconnected all the things you explained from the motherboard and then started to place the equipment back into the motherboard, and after each one I powered the machine up to see what happened.

Everything disconnected: Continuious beeps

RAM: double beep, then pulse, double beep, then pulse... and so on...

Everything else after that was the same as the beeps explained above.

Although when I connected the hard drive to the motherboard the same beeps where going off as before, but I could here beeps coming from the hard drive! Is this normal?

Thanks again for all the responses!

  Gongoozler 13:02 04 Mar 2007

Beeps from hard drive is certainly not normal! These sounds are what a failing hard drive can sound like click here.

When the computer is working correctly you should just get a short beep to confirm that everything is OK. Any other pattern of beeps or no beeps at all signifies a problem. In your posting are you saying that with everything reconnected you are getting a sequence of beeps?

  pete2007 13:15 04 Mar 2007

Yes that is correct... everything is reconnected, and I am still getting a sequence of beeps

  Gongoozler 13:20 04 Mar 2007

Probably faulty memory. If you have more than one stick, try with just one of them. The actual meaning of different sequences depends on the BIOS your motherboard uses. If you don't know it, can you tell us what your motherboards is and we'll see what we can do.

  pete2007 14:18 04 Mar 2007

I have 2 sticks of 512mb, so I removed one of them at a time, like you said, and one of them double beeps continiously, but the other just double beeps once and doesn't repeat.

So does that mean one of them is faulty?

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