Help!! with serious motherboard problem.

  23790954 17:46 06 Dec 2008

Hi there,

As a retired man, I build and repair computers entirely as a hobby, but I have now got a serious problem with my motherboard, which I have tried to diagnose over the last three days, without success.
It started, as I said, about three days ago, when I decided to increase the capacity of my hard drive, to 250gig. I purchased a new Western Digital 250 gig SATA hard drive, to fit to my Gigabyte K8N51GMF motherboard, and as is the norm, formatted it before starting to install windows XP. After installing Windows XP, I then attempted to install the motherboard drivers from the original CD. This I found impossible, as the system failed to read the disk correctly, and repeatedly stated that it was not responding. When I checked the new hard drive, in my computer, which I had just installed, it actually was shown as drive F, instead of C, although there are no other drives, other than cd rom and writer, installed on system. I then discovered that the new hard drive was only shown as having a capacity of 140gig. I now find downloading files from the net, very difficult, e.g. drivers etc., and when I attempt to install some of them, e.g. adobe flash, a pop up appears on the monitor to in form me that there is not enough space on the hard drive to install the programme. The hard drive is nearly empty. The other obvious sign of a fault, is, until this trouble started, the system would show my ram as double data ram at boot up, but it now shows as single data ram.
I have changed all aspects of the motherboard, battery, mouse, keyboard etc., but still the problem persists. I do not want to buy a new motherboard, until I am sure that this one is defunct.
Any advice from any computer specialists out there would be very much appreciated.

  iqs 17:49 06 Dec 2008

Is the HDD connected to the first SATA MB Controller,also your copy of XP,does it have SP1,2 OR 3 .

  iqs 17:50 06 Dec 2008

Sorry,if it states 'f',it could be the last SATA controller

  Technotiger 17:51 06 Dec 2008

I am not a specialist, but it would appear to me that your new drive may be formatted FAT instead of NTSC.

  23790954 18:15 06 Dec 2008

Thanks for trying to help folks.
I have tried the hard drive on both of the 2 SATA connectors, with same results, and the disk was formatted, and software installed on the NTFS file syatem which shows when checking hard drive. My XP software is upto and includes service pack 3. Any other suggestions would be appreciated, before I decide to buy a new motherboard. Many thanks in the meantime.

  Technotiger 18:24 06 Dec 2008

Have you re-tried everything with your original old hard drive in place - if the old one works ok, then that should rule-out the mobo.

  iqs 18:58 06 Dec 2008

Before you buy a new MB,try do the very easy checks first.

Reset the CMOS to default,do as Technotiger suggests,can you connect another SATA HDD?.

If you are planning to purchase a new MB,why not try flashing the BIOS.But read about the pros and cons first with flashing.

  23790954 23:37 06 Dec 2008

Thanks for all advice given. Old drive just the same. Have flashed bios, but no better. Have moved jumper to reset board to default, no better. Have even formatted drive again, and reinstalled everything, but no better. Strange thing is, the fault occurred so suddenly, as system was working perfectly until a few days ago. I'll have to buy new motherboard.
Many thanks to everybody who tried to help, it was appreciated.

  Les28 09:37 07 Dec 2008

Probably as you say a motherboard problem, but just wondering what size the old hard drive was, was it under 137GB, I'm only asking in case you need to enable 48bit LBA in the registry of your new XP install on the sata drive.
Was your XP installation disk a pre service pack version of XP or did you use a slipstreamed version with SP2 on, or an SP2 version.
If 48bit LBA is enabled can you go into computer management in XP and allocate the remaining disk space.

click here

Doesn't solve the F drive allocation and non accepting board drivers I know but it might explain the drive size as only being shown as 140GB.

  23790954 14:22 07 Dec 2008

Many thanks for that info Les 28. I will print off a copy of your advice and use it when I get things sorted out. I have now got the system to correctly recognise the hard drive as drive C:/ but unfortunately the system memory is still only running a single data ram, and not double data ram, and the system is very, very slow compared to normal. The system runs on 2 gig which is installed, and when running correctly is quite fast, however when running as single data, it is very slow. I even fitted a new PSU today, to make sure it was getting the correct amount of power. Still no better.
Many thanks for your advice.

  Les28 15:46 07 Dec 2008

I wondered originally if you had installed XP onto the new sata drive while you still had the old C drive in the pc and the drive allocation muddle had come from that but it's sorted now, drive letters for cd rom drives OK, so have you managed to install the motherboard drivers you mentioned earlier.

I was looking at Part 2-6 of your motherboard manual PC Health Status tab do you have DDR Power option set for OK there, wondering if this has any connection with your single speed ram.

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