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  Dante Cubit 12:37 02 May 2007


I'm looking at buying a PC for home to be used to set up a training company. I need to be able to use it for web design, DTP, and more ambitious stuff in the future - creating flash content, using more powerful DTP/image programs such as inDesign, Dreamweaver etc. I want a good quality system that's not going to break the bank as I'll be setting up the business part-time outside of other committments. I haven't got a clue with what to go for (I keep ending up on Dell's website)so any help and advice would be appreciated. I'd also like the set-up to last me a couple of years without needing to upgrade, so I suppose vista-ready would be an option. Thanks in advance

  skidzy 15:41 02 May 2007

Before we advise you on a new system,you really need to check if the software you plan on using is compatible with Vista.
There are a lot of driver issues at the moment and though some vendors are on the ball,i would expect it to take a while before all products work correctly.

  Totally-braindead 16:18 02 May 2007

skidzy makes a very good point, theres no point buying a Vista PC and then discovering that one of the main bits of software you wish to use has problems with Vista.

  Kate B 17:50 02 May 2007

InDesign - the CS2 version - is compatible with Vista; I run it. The next version of the Adobe Creative Suite, which includes Dreamweaver, will certainly work with Vista. The full version of CS3 ships in July, otherwise bits of it are available now as standalones. The full CS3 suite looks mouthwatering click here

  wee eddie 18:31 02 May 2007

Start with the Software.

Anyway if what you say you intend to do is roughly correct. The Software is going to cost you much more than the PC.

As you are intending to set up a Training Company.

Would a Laptop not be a better idea, then you could take it out on site with you.

  Totally-braindead 18:32 02 May 2007

Kate B the price! My god is the software really so good its worth £2,231.99?
I could buy a fantastic top of the line PC for that with a huge monitor.
And to think I started a Petition about Vista prices being too dear.

  tony58 19:16 02 May 2007

but remember you are saving a fiver at Amazon

  Totally-braindead 00:20 03 May 2007

tony58 yeah I noticed that. What a bargain, that works out at a saving of 0.22%.

A great deal - lets buy two!

  Dante Cubit 08:46 03 May 2007

Thanks for the advice guys. After looking into it a bit more, ans as I'm on a budget most of the programs (office, older versions of Adobe DTPs etc) that I think I'll go for all work on XP, so I'll go for that (it's a lot bl###y cheaper for a start). I want a desktop PC cos I'm going to be setting up the website and running on-line training initially as it's easier to fit in around current work. I'd like something that will do me well for the next 4 years or so without having to fork out for upgrades. I;m considering a pentium dual-core 2.13mhz with 1mb RAM, and a 500gb hard drive. I haven't a clue about motherboards though. Would these specs suit me for what I'm asking?

  Kate B 11:37 03 May 2007

I know, the price is pretty hefty, but remember it's a professional product, not really one intended for home users. And it's got loads of applications.

  wee eddie 12:26 03 May 2007

There are usually some pretty good bargains there

click here

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