help with security please

  torpid 00:50 11 Nov 2006

Hello. I recently managed to get my new pc online (thanks to ed-0) and thought that I had better get the security stuff sorted. The recent pc gamer mag has an AVG antivirus which I installed, and a firewall-zonealarm.
The problem is that when I install zone alarm I am told to restart my pc, when I do this a blue screen appears telling me (among other things) to retart in safe mode. It only boots up normaly after uinstalling zone alarm-I also get a serious error message.
I have turned off the the windows firewall but no change.
Also-Im having problems getting online-it seems a bit hit n miss as to whether I am connected or not. No formal sign in, sometimes asks for a user name password, other times lets me staight on?
Any help appreciated.

  ICF 07:23 11 Nov 2006

Try these suggestions from the Zonealarm forum
click here

  torpid 13:57 11 Nov 2006

Thanks ICF, but how do I update my drivers for my add on hardware & graphics card?
Is there a sight that does it for free?
I have a radeon btw.

  torpid 13:58 11 Nov 2006

thats site not sight

  ICF 15:02 11 Nov 2006

Personally I can't see how changing your graphic card river will help but it's worth a go.
What graphics card do you have?
Have you got the latest version of zonealarm click here

click here

  postie24 16:19 11 Nov 2006

Did you turn off the windows firewall before you installed zone alarm?If not,which i suspect,it will cause probs for you.Delete zone alarm,Turn off windows firewall and re-install zonealarm,and see what happens.Stay offline while you sorting firewalls out

  johndrew 16:56 11 Nov 2006

You could try a different firewall. ZA doesn`t suit everybody.

Kerio Personal reverts to free (slight downgrade after a month) but is good click here

  SB23 17:05 11 Nov 2006

I've just switched from ZA to Comodo.
I was having problems with ZA again, so rather than trying to repair etc, changed to Comodo firewall.
I have to say, been using now for about a month, and I've had no problems at all.

click here

  Input Overload 02:56 12 Nov 2006

To fully uninstall Zone Alarm click here I too have used Comodo & had it on this system for around 3 months, I'm very pleased with it.

  torpid 16:00 12 Nov 2006

Thanks for all your replies.
I have decided to install the comodo firewall. I did read somewhere that Virgin isp customers have difficulties with zonealrm, so I decided to go for something different instead of phaffing about.
I have a few other probs now though!

I can't connect to the internet at will, most times I have a box appear asking me to dial up my isp, this never works. Other times it just connects for me, no dial box's/ siggn in box's or anything?
Does anyone have an idea of how I can set up a simple option of connect/disconnect type thing?
Im connected through a router. Thanks

  sebbywebby 13:11 16 Nov 2006

Trend Micro is a good antivirus and does not interphere with Windows Firewall

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