Help! Security message from Gmail

  six-h 11:07 22 Dec 2009

I'm just checking my mail with gmail and notice a notice at the bottom of the "Inbox" screen saying something like: - "this account is currently being used at another location. address...(IP ***)
I can't remember the exact wording or the IP address it showed, but should I be worried?
I came back from Majorca on Friday where I was using the public access network, could this be the reason?

  Ventad 11:26 22 Dec 2009

Could be, if you did not say no to any saving of username and password or if they had key logging in the system. Change your password and username as soon as possioble as a precaution.

  six-h 11:37 22 Dec 2009

Thanks ventad, I've got my two gmail addresses set up to automatically sign me in at the click of a mouse on both my PC and laptop, thought that that was safest since ther was no actual typing of passwords.
Didn't do any banking or sign in to other sites whilst away, so what could they get?

  Ventad 11:49 22 Dec 2009

It does not matter if it signs in automatically on your own PC it is if you allowed it on a PC in Majorca people can send emails etc from your address and read your emails and then mark as unread. I have used internet cafe's all over and it is supprising how many pc's have peoples usernames and log ins left on the machines because they did not answer NO to saving them when asked.

  Ventad 11:53 22 Dec 2009

Sorry just realised that you had your laptop not using another PC. I would still change the password incase somebody close to you was keylogging

  six-h 11:53 22 Dec 2009

I didn't use public PC's, I took my own lappy and used the "hotspot" provided by the Calvia council along the seafront with which I could happily pick up a tenuous connection from my balcony!
So there's no residual info on any other PCs.
Wish I had noted the IP address that the message showed, could then possibly trace where it was using my account from.

  six-h 11:58 22 Dec 2009

Sorry, crossposted then.
>>incase somebody close to you was keylogging<<
Pardon my mirth, but the place was deserted, the other resident that I bumped into refered to it as a ghost town" but he was yet to see the ghosts!!
I'll change my passwords as you say as a precaution and keep an eye out for that message recurring.
Would Gmail have a log of the message so that I could request a copy?

  Ventad 12:33 22 Dec 2009

Thinking about it have you tried "Simples" does it come up with the warning if you are signed in already on one PC and then sign in on the other.

  six-h 22:35 22 Dec 2009

Sorry mate, had an appointment at the Dental Hospital& what with the snow it turned into a full afternoon!
No, strangely enough, I can access my accounts from both computers simultaneously with no such warnings.
Odd innit!

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