Help! Screen blanking on/off intermittently

  Assassin 17:36 22 Jul 2012

My screen (Edge 10 SWM24) has started intermittently blanking off for a second or 2 and on again. Have checked all physical and cable connections OK and just updated to latest Nvidia driver (R301.42) but to no avail. Graphics card is GeForce 9500GT on Cube PC running Windows 7 (64 bit).

Grateful for any suggestions.

  Nontek 18:10 22 Jul 2012

Why did you update the nVidia driver, were you having graphics problems?

The reason I ask is because it is not always advisable to update graphics drivers, especially nVidia.

If you were not having problems before the update, try a System Restore back to before you updated the drivers.

  rdave13 18:17 22 Jul 2012

Can you try a different monitor? The driver version is the latest and should be OK.

  Assassin 18:50 22 Jul 2012

Nontek - I updated the driver because I thought the graphics card driver might be the cause of the problem (it was a Windows generic driver, not the Nvidia one).

  Assassin 18:51 22 Jul 2012

rdave13 yes tried PC with different monitor - made no difference.

  Nontek 19:15 22 Jul 2012

Hmm, so are you using the Generic driver or the nVidia driver? I've not heard of using two different graphics drivers!

  rdave13 19:21 22 Jul 2012

Try dropping the resolution a notch.

  Assassin 23:35 24 Jul 2012

rdave13 - Thanks. Worked. Not sure I understand why, but no matter. You're a genius!

  Assassin 23:37 24 Jul 2012

Nontek - I loaded the Nvidia driver as a replacement for the generic. So only using 1 driver. It didn't make any difference but rdave13's suggstion of dropping the resolution did. Thanks for your help.

  Nontek 03:56 25 Jul 2012

Great - thanks for your feedback.

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