Help with Sat Nav

  Vonn 08:41 16 May 2007

Hi There...
Could someone please explain to me, if they know:)
what does 'recent adresses mean' on my sat nav (Nav man 120)
Does it mean places that I have just passed???
Surely it cannot log everywhere I pass or it would get so full, it would bust!
Or does it mean what I have actually 'typed in' and it's 'led me there' and then logs that?
Please help, I'm so confused.

Thanks ~

  setecio 11:34 16 May 2007

Recent address. If you wish to go back somewhere you have visited recently and forgot to save it, you can find it in here which also comes in handy.

  Vonn 16:00 16 May 2007

Thanx for the reply, (appreciate it) but does the 'recent address list' on my sat nav mean thats 'DEFINATELY' where I have been or does it log areas that I may have just 'passed' through?
For it to be on my recent address list, does it 'prove' thats where I've been for sure?

Thanks ~

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