Jade 14 G 13:31 26 Dec 2006

I have just seen a pc PACKARD Bell which looks good in PC World but l don't understand specs and stuff else l would go elsewhere, if l get it or any l have a lot of word files and pictures l would need but cd drawer for burning them as jammed.
Help Please

  SB23 13:36 26 Dec 2006

What info do you have on it?
I've had a Packard Bell for years, and other than a few little problems, which I've sorted, they are good machines.

  surfmonkey #:@}© 13:37 26 Dec 2006

is the cd drawer got a cd stuck in it do u mean if so you could try the manual open mothod
1 look for a small hole on the front of cd drive
2 get somthing like a paper clip
3 push paperclip in tio hole carfully #
this should manually open cd draw

  Jade 14 G 11:42 27 Dec 2006

got drawer open thanks. The pc is in PC World sale there is only two , one advent which do't want and the Packard Bell, have a look as l would like someone to see it that knows what is right or wrong as am not very good with tech stuff

  hzhzhzhz 11:49 27 Dec 2006

This one?.click here

  howard64 12:01 27 Dec 2006

my only query would be what type of backup of the operating system is supplied and does it include the free upgrade to vista? If you just get the restore disks you might then have a problem if you upgrade to vista and then have a problem which requires a complete restoration. As someone that helps friends etc., to get things going after problems the real difficult ones have been Packard Bell with the recovery disks.

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