Help rewiring laptop ac adaptor

  bbr620 19:50 06 Aug 2010

hi, my HP laptop charger appears to have died but i have a generic charger that i'm attempting to rewire into the HP wiring, i've got a white / black wire coming from the generic charger and a white / coax wire coming from the HP adapter plug?

do i just join white to white and black to coax, don't wanna blow the invertor in the laptop..

thanks in advance

  bbr620 19:50 06 Aug 2010
  PalaeoBill 20:21 06 Aug 2010

I would guess its a 19V DC power supply but you really need to show us a picture of the tip and give the model numbers of the laptop and charger. Then we can work out where the positive and negative should be.

Even then, I wouldn't attempt it without using a multi-meter to test the output of your generic power supply. I would also check that the generic power supply is a regulated one rather than a cheaper linear one. (Laptop chargers are more expensive than general purpose multivoltage supplies for a reason).

  woodchip 20:26 06 Aug 2010

So the Laptop is not worth the price of a Mains adapter!

  PalaeoBill 20:44 06 Aug 2010

Its an HP!, so no I doubt it :-)

  T0SH 20:56 06 Aug 2010

Amazon UK will most likely sell an HP branded replacement charger for not a great deal of money certainly for a lot less than buying one from HP

Cheers HC

  justme 21:43 06 Aug 2010

I agree with Tosh.

My wife's mains adaptor died a few years ago and I managed to source one from amazon for about £12. They may be slightly dearer now but if it saves buying a new laptop it will be worth it.

PalaeoBill is quite right in saying that you need to check the polarity before connecting it to your laptop and also make sure that it is regulated as an unregulated transformer might (probably will) supply a higher voltage than you or your laptop want.

  justme 21:47 06 Aug 2010

I should add that I had a great deal of difficulty in soucing the right size of plug which fits into the laptop. Using one which is almost the right size may damage the socket and be expensive to repair. A new adaptor is the safest and not expensive way to go.

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