jason-240879 21:10 05 Apr 2003

My friend wants to play a game he has purchased, Championship Manager 4, But it needs to be in a 1024x768 resolution

He's got a Gateway monitor I think and a Sis 650 graphics card. When he wanted me to look at it i saw that when I uninstall the sis ghraphic driver it lets him drag the slider to 1024x768 but the game won't run because of the limited amount of colours without his drivers. I then tried new drivers that I downloaded from the internet and the problem was there still, no way to drag the slider to 1024 or selecting 1024 from the Show All Modes in Advance.

I checked his monitor driver which is installed as standard plug and play and so i tried a driver from windows update which said gateway and also the standard 1024 driver but still the problem arose. I checked in advance as my pc has an option to hide modes that monitor can't view properly but on his pc this is disabled and I can't check or uncheck this option.

Can somebody please help, as he is not wanting to buy a new monitor or graphics card...

Win XP Home
SIS 650 graphic
Pentium 4
512 ram??could be 256 ram im not quite sure
40 gig hard drive

  daxian 22:23 05 Apr 2003

what size is the monitor ????

  hugh-265156 22:28 05 Apr 2003

im not sure why you get this problem but if is of any use i had onboard sis 650 graphics before upgrading to an agp card.the screen resolution will be dependant on the monitor and this chip will run at that resolution.can you adjust the settings in the game itself?

  hugh-265156 22:31 05 Apr 2003

info on chip click here and drivers click here

  jason-240879 00:34 06 Apr 2003

the size is about 14" or 15", it dont work, but why does it work when I havnt got drivers, font on icons a little fuzzy but I want to be able to do it with drivers, the game just says error going to fullscreen and the readme says, youv got to be in 1024 res. I think he says his monitor about 4 or 5 years old, but mine is 5 years old, mines a different make but it goes to 1024 ok. Is there any way to force it or something

  hugh-265156 00:47 06 Apr 2003

try this click here you can specify resolution and or hz.for 15"monitor dont go over 1024x786 60hz.

  jason-240879 01:31 06 Apr 2003

It don't really matter if i go more than 1024 'cus i know a lot, easy to fix, just go to safe mode and put it back

  jason-240879 01:31 06 Apr 2003

this could work, i wont see him till monday so ill get him to try this one.

  hugh-265156 01:50 06 Apr 2003

just reset defaults if get into diffs.

  Kyomii 03:23 06 Apr 2003

Be careful - running a monitor at the wrong resolution and refresh rate can cause malfunction and can also cause it to blow - literally.

His monitor is not capable of taking 1024 by the sounds of it (some 4 to five year old monitors can, some cant), and forcing it to is not a good idea.

You don't need to run the game in 1024 - it will run in 800x600 mode, the 1024 is only the recommended mode.

  crx16 04:07 06 Apr 2003

the minmum requirement for CM4 is 1024x768 but...

Q11. Can the resolution be changed to 800 by 600?
A11. .Yes, but the game is not designed to look like that, the game is designed for 1024 by 768. The minimum resolution is 1024 by 768. If you have to you need to, you can try this mode by using the following -

c:\program files\cm4\cm4.exe -small_screen

You can right click on the shortcut on your desktop, click on properties and put -small_screen at the end of the command that launches the game, if you always want it in on your small screen.

from click here

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