Help With Resizing Internet Explorer

  suburban train 00:51 21 Oct 2004

HI All

For some reason when i click on a link on a web page which should open a brand new window or if i select a new window myself IE becomes a small box and i have to press maximise to view full screen, it never did this before.

How can i stop it? and restore the originial size of the window?


  Night Ryder 01:03 21 Oct 2004

Right Click on the icon and choose properties and beside run coose the open this window maximized. and apply and OK it.
Your windows should opem full screen.

  sat481 01:26 21 Oct 2004

Next time you shut one down do make it full size then close it down by going.. File.. Close

This will make that the default size

  Djohn 02:29 21 Oct 2004

Above should work for you. Its a question often asked, so it must be the default action of windows. I prefer mine to open at the reduced size though as it means I can still see the main window behind.

I have mine set to 1/4 screen size so that I can have four open if required and it only takes one click on the maximise button or a double click on the title bar to get full page.

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