Help Required to test my correct broadband speed

  julius44 09:27 31 May 2009

Hello everyone and good morning. I am currently with virgin media for my broadband service, and below are the specs for my desktop pc, which I purchased in january 2006

Dell Dimension 5150 Pentium 4, with Microsoft Windows XP, Home edition, service pack 3
2.99GHz, 2.00RAM, 160Gb hard drive.
purchased in january 2006, and still runs great.

Okay about 2 weeks ago virgin upgraded me from 2mb to 10mb, and I have tested my speed from 1 of the sites that i oz told on the forums here that their engineers use
click here
and I got the following: Download speed is 13428kpbs
upload speed is 474kbps
I just wanted to know HOW what range i now am between 2-10mb, as I dont really know what this equates to and are their any webistes that just show the upload and download speeds of between 2-10mb, instead of all these large figures pls, and also I'd like to know that with the specs of my desktop, can it handle 10mb? i have a wireless router, as i have a PS3 gaming console as well. thanks

  User-1229748 10:19 31 May 2009

the pc advisor test will give you the results the way i think you're after click here

  birdface 10:24 31 May 2009

Yes you are now getting 10 Mb download speed.And your upload speed is just over twice what I get with V/M on 2 Mb.Very nice what area are you in.I am in Northants and we have not been upgraded as yet.

  ol blueeyes 10:32 31 May 2009

if it's any help I've tried them all but the Speedtest I now use and like it gives a simple answer and you can try Different Servers is click here
give it a go.

  julius44 10:48 31 May 2009

okay i have used one of the links that u sent me, I think it woz speedtest, and i got the following download speed 25.75mb/s and upload 0.49mb/s and ping 55ms............i still do not understand how this equates as all i wanna know is to show that my new broadband speed is up to 10mb....and in that format. And also from the specs of my desktop, is it ok to handle up to 10mb??? thanks

  julius44 10:49 31 May 2009

oh by the way buteman, i'm in london, forest hill south london

  Kevscar1 11:01 31 May 2009

Trouble is both links give different results so how do you know if any of these tests are accurate

  julius44 11:31 31 May 2009

yes u are right, as different sites give different info, so i'm looking for a good standard site to use to get the info

  birdface 12:51 31 May 2009

Your click here is the speed test that the Virginmedia engineers use and by the looks of things you are getting the full 10Mb Download.
When using speed tests it is always best to do it when nothing else is running on the computer.Any thing running and it will affect the speed.
Eg. If I use Ladbrokes and then run a speed test my results are normally about half of what they are normally.

  AL47 13:04 31 May 2009

im jealous of you all!! :(

  Grey Goo 16:26 31 May 2009

If you can find your line Synchronisation rate from your router then you can take the custom test here
click here

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