help required plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  Sheps 23:30 19 May 2007

Good evening to u all,
I was wondering if anyone can help me out there, my son is getting his own pc in his room (upstairs) he wants to connect to my internet (aol broadband), but i dont want to go wireless, so does anyone out there know how i'm to do this, the main pc is in the dinning room with the bt line and broadband thingy that sits on the side lol, is it a easy job to do. I was hoping it was a case of running a lead down into the dinning room straight into the main box (prob not lol) sorry to sound so think, many thanks in advance
Paula (sheps)

  Dipso 23:33 19 May 2007

Providing your sons PC has an ethernet connection which most do these days, then yes, it is just a case of running a network/patch cable from the PC to the router.

  Trackrat 23:35 19 May 2007

You need a router and a straight through (cat5)cable.
Have a read of this.

click here

  Diversion 00:40 20 May 2007

I've got my internet connection running on a 50 foot extension, but I have an ethernet connection on my PC running through a router. I still get download speeds upto 1400kb/ps so that will do for me.

  Jaro 01:12 20 May 2007

hi, i think you should go for wireless connection. i was the same worried about all these hackers trying to get to my pc. but since i have been using wireless
connection i have ever had any such a problem. its ever so easy to set it up and at the and you will be happy you did not go for wired connection.

  mocha 05:14 20 May 2007

This info should help click here

  John B 07:49 20 May 2007
  Sheps 14:07 20 May 2007

Hello to you all, thank u all so very much for your advice. I've been on the links and read all the advice u have given me, its the Ethernet connection bit i'm not sure about, (doh) wots actually happening son is having this here pc i'm on now, i'm gettin a new one, so my one is going to be brand new, so i understand it should come with the ethernet connection already ???? I am on AOL and using a ADSL MODEM BT Voyager 105 (if that is any help to you), so do i need any sort of double adaptor for my sons cable to go into, I have got 3 filters remaining from the aol installation, do i use one of them also ??? I have looked at the modem and there are no empty sockets either, again i'm not sure where this lead is supposed to be connected to , wot i would ideally like is a picture diagram so as i can see what i need to do. any way folks u have been brill, thank u
Paula (sheps)

  Diversion 23:20 20 May 2007

Unless you have a spare modem, you will need another modem click here and this link will give the prices of the ethernet connections or internal boards which are easy enough to fit click here The links are just to give an idea of the prices of the items.

  woodchip 23:25 20 May 2007

This is what you need click here

  Dipso 07:04 21 May 2007

Can this be done with a modem guys?

I wrongly presumed Sheps had a router. This would be the easiest way of doing what she wants to do.

I don't understand the advice about a second modem...only one ADSL modem can be connected at once?

mocha's has linked to the Netgear site. Netgear are a good choice, model DG834/G is popular.

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