help required please, new DDR DIMM not working

  jcr 16:18 03 Jan 2005

I've just added a new DIMM to my Multivision Elite XP320 PC,(which is 2 years old) and it is not recognised by the computer. The original DIMM was ELIXIR part no M2U25H64DS8HB0G-75B, PC2100, 256MB, non parity, CL2.5. New DIMM CRUCIAL part no CT6464Z265.8TC2, same details, but 512MB. only difference i can spot apart from MB is old ram has 8 chips on each side, new one has 8 on one side only. The new part fits OK, but is just not recognised. I've tried fitting the dimms both ways round, i.e old in slot 1, new in slot 0 and vice versa. no difference. new chip tried alone, computer doesn't start at all, doesn't bring up any text on screen. Multivision gone bust, crucial say it should work, but may need a bios upgrade, motherboard reported as ATI A3 + ALI M1535+ chipset by Belarc advisor, can't find an A3 motherboard on ATI website to obtain bios upgrade. Any ideas anyone?!!!!

  Stuartli 16:46 03 Jan 2005

These may help:

click here.

click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:54 03 Jan 2005

click here for bios and drivers

  jcr 16:57 03 Jan 2005

I can't access the first link, "page not found"?!
The second link takes me to a list of motherboard manufacturers, including a link to ATI webpage, but I can't find any reference to my A3 motherboard on the ATI webpage. Have I missed something?!

  JIM 17:05 03 Jan 2005
  jcr 17:06 03 Jan 2005

hello fruit bat,

the link you gave doesn't show ATI under mobo manufacturer, but does show A3 under chipset, incl references to ALI, but with adifferent manufacturer.

now i'm confused! is the A3 a mobo by ATI? what is the ALI bit?

  JIM 17:08 03 Jan 2005

ATI A3 + ALI M1535+ chipset.

have not seen Fruit Bat /\0/\ link yet.

  jcr 17:11 03 Jan 2005

hello jim,

how do i find out which one to pick?

do you think it will resolve the ram not being recognised?

is there a way of saving existing bios incase of problems?

  JIM 17:22 03 Jan 2005

Dont jump the gun if your unsure of what to do.We want no problems :)

What processor have you got in your system ?

  jcr 17:24 03 Jan 2005


i don't want any problems either!!

the processor is an athlon xp2100.

  JIM 17:29 03 Jan 2005

Give me a few minutes to post my opinion.

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