help required pc wont start up

  lapat 16:43 16 Apr 2006

hi there
this is my first post and i have a problem with my sons pc.
it starts up and then displays a message saying wasnt shut down correctley
and gives three options restart with in safe mode
wityh networking and best last known wrokings etc
no matter which on i do it wont boot the machine back up it just keeps restarting
i have moved house recentley and its seems the recovery discs have been launched in the house move

can anybody help

thanks again

  lapat 16:47 16 Apr 2006

anybody out there

  VoG II 16:50 16 Apr 2006

If it will start in Safe Mode with Command Prompt then at the prompt type


and press Enter to launch System Restore.

(I'm assuming it is Windows XP)

  lapat 16:52 16 Apr 2006

yes its windows xp but i have tried safe mode and its starts reading a load of script then shuts down again

anymore options

  lapat 16:58 16 Apr 2006

i have managed to get into the screen i take is bios from f2 upon sartup is there anything i can do from there

  VoG II 17:00 16 Apr 2006

No, not really. Can you borrow a Windows XP CD?

  lapat 17:01 16 Apr 2006

i presume my toshiba xp laptop cd will work in my sons packard bell..?

  VoG II 17:03 16 Apr 2006

Yes - then try a repair click here

  DrScott 17:03 16 Apr 2006

You may well be in trouble. Essentially you need to run a Windows XP install and then select 'Repair this installation'. It may work using a friend's copy of XP (OEM or retail) but I'm not sure on the legality of that, and indeed whether it work satisfactorily either - might be worth a shot though?!

Alternatively you could download a copy of Knoppix to boot off a CD (you'd have to burn it to CD), and that will allow you access to the PCs harddrive files. From there, you should at least be able to rescue the nec files so all your data isn't lost. Acutally, I think you might be able to get a command prompt from using that boot disk, and from there use what VoG has suggested :) Knoppix can be downloaded from click here

  DrScott 17:03 16 Apr 2006

Oops... too late with my post!

  lapat 17:06 16 Apr 2006

all help gratefully appreciated not mithered if i lose data its a gaming machine first and foremost
secondley i have just had a command prompt come up saying start system by using windows xp or recovery now i do nt know how i got there i was tapping on an f key any suggestions

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