help required

  harristweed 12:24 01 Oct 2006

I have an idea for selling a service via the internet. I don’t have a computer but am able to get on the net at my local internet café. Could someone please explain:
1. How I build a website?.
2. Where do I get everything I need free?
3. How do I process credit cards?
4. How do I stop other people stealing my idea?
5. Can I avoid tax on the profit I make?
6. If I get stuck will someone here do it all for me free, without expecting a ‘thank you’?

Can you answer quickly please, because I’ve only paid for 15minutes in this internet café.

  mco 13:28 01 Oct 2006


  STREETWORK 18:50 01 Oct 2006

And you want all this info now?

1. Use a free software package to build the site.

2. Search the internet for free stuff.

3. Credit cards, talk to your bank.

4. Register your idea with the Patents Office.

5. Pay you tax or move to Barbados.

6. Thank you never hurt a bit...

Cheap is not profit making...

  ade.h 19:34 01 Oct 2006

The Cayman Islands are handy as well.


  Forum Editor 19:35 01 Oct 2006

which is far from certain, here are your answers:-

1. You can't do it from an internet cafe - they wouldn't alow you to instal any web-design software on their machine, and they certainly wouldn't allow you to back up the site to the hard drive.

2. On the internet, but for a serious e-commerce site you will need your own domain name, and a proper hosting account, and they will not be free.

3. You can't, unless you have an online merchant account, and from what you say it's pretty certain that you don't have any previous experience of credit card trading. That means you won't get an online transaction processing account with the card providers - you'll have to use a third-party card payment processing company, like Paypal. There are others, but there'll be a transaction fee involved with whoever you choose.

4. You can't copyright an idea, so there's no way you can stop someone else from copying yours.

5. No.

6. No, although we'll help as much as possible we won't do the job for you. We don't expect thanks as part of the deal, but it's very nice to get it occasionally.

Not that you'll read any of this, because your 15 minutes was up a long time ago.

Nice try, though - you must be about the only member of this computer-oriented forum that doesn't have a computer.

  ade.h 19:38 01 Oct 2006

As harristweed is a regular contributor round these parts, I assume that he/she is joking and commenting on the kind of people who ask this questions with a straight face!

  mco 21:27 01 Oct 2006

You gave yourself away by using correct spelling and punctuation...

  Forum Editor 00:41 02 Oct 2006

but one with his own domain name and website.

Not bad for someone without a computer.

  harristweed 07:56 02 Oct 2006

Thanks to all who responded. I now have a much better idea. (Go for a beer!)

  harristweed 08:35 03 Oct 2006


  STREETWORK 19:49 03 Oct 2006


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