help req'd to upgrade acer aspire 5315

  urban gorilla 22:56 25 Apr 2008

I've got an Acer Aspire 5315-101g08mi and i would like to upgrade the specs.
current specs:
Processor: Intel Celeron-M 540 1.86GHz, 533MHz FSB,1MB L2 Cache
Hard Drive: 80GB Serial ATA 5400rpm
Graphics: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X3100Operating System: Windows Vista Home Basic

Is there anyone out there that can tell me what changes are possible on this system?

I want to change cpu to a core 2 duo, increase RAM to 2 GB, HDD to 250gb 7500rpm and the OS to XP.
also can i add a graphics card to it?

can you also reccomend a good webcam for a laptop?

i know you'll be thinking it's cheaper to buy a laptop with better specs but i got this laptop as part of 3 mobile broadband package and i can source the parts cheaply off the internet and friends.
i'm looking to spend around £150 that will make this laptop a bit more usable.

hope you can help. Thanks.

  citadel 23:13 25 Apr 2008

you will cannot do much with a laptop. maybe add ram and a bigger hard drive. no chance of a graphics card. logitech have a range of laptop webcams,various specs and prices.

  Eric10 10:13 26 Apr 2008

I have this exact laptop but have upgraded the memory to 2GB which is the maximum it will take. I find it perfectly adequate for general work but then it isn't my main computer and I didn't expect too much from it at a cost of less than £300. If you do decide to upgrade the memory then you will definitely find this page helpful - click here. It doesn't have the usual small flap to access the memory as with most laptops and it can be a little scary to remove the large cover off the bottom as it requires quite a bit of force to achieve this.

As citadel has already said, I think the only other possible upgrade would be a larger hard drive.

As for changing the OS to XP, you will need to find XP drivers for all the hardware and Acer's website doesn't have XP versions for all the devices so you could run into trouble there.

  jack 12:06 26 Apr 2008

to the max allowable is all that can be done to any laptop, and may be a Hard Disk change. But that is it.
Even here the cost would be well on the way to a total replacement.
All else is integrated.
Want a bigger faster one
Go buy one to the new spec if you can find it

  urban gorilla 21:00 26 Apr 2008

Thanks for your responses.

i know you think it's strange that i would want to do this but i'm treating it like a project to see what is possible and what i'm capable of too. i've never done this sort of thing before and you never know until you try :)

i've been doing research on the net this and was amazed to find so many people with the same laptop wanting to do the same thing.
here are some links i've come across. this one is for 'upgrading' to XP from Vista basic.
click here
this one's for upgrading the CPU
click here

I intend to source the parts cheaply from the net..another challenge and hopefully end up with a core 2 duo,2 gig ram,a 7200rpm hdd and xp laptop without going over my budget of £200

any help and advice from PCA forum members will be greatly appreciated.

  jack 09:59 27 Apr 2008

Though poking around a desktop would have been easier.
What you have to appreciate is that 'Big Brand' computers generally and certainly all laptops- are designed and constructed around a desiccated set of components, and apart from memory there is little or no latitude for further expansion.
Changing a hard drive in a Desktop for example can be as easy as -side panels off 4 screws and 2 plugs.
In laptop it could be a panel in the base in some- under the battery in others, take the shebangs to bits in more.
Even here the size of the new drive could be limited by motherboard limitations.

Still as a learning curve- you will find all this out.
And what real frustration can mean.

  bigozone 00:13 19 May 2008

i've done the CPU upgrade on this model,, along with a DVD upgrade,, and an internal bluetooth mod,

click here

check my link for more info..

most important thing is to take the pannel of the bottom of the laptop to see if you have a PINK socketP cpu socket,,, mine was grey,,, and needed a modification to the socket so the Core2Duo would seat properly,,, but it works,,,

and if your socket is pink all you have to do is swap CPUs... 11 screws... see the step-by-step instructions on that link..


  Paizley45 10:47 23 Jun 2011

I have the same type of Laptop Acer Aspire 5315 And is also of the 540 model (1.86Ghz) single core. I've also looked at the Duo 2 Core series that fits in the same socket but you will have too download the latest BIO settings which can be a bit risky. But as a safer alternative you can get the 570 chipset model (Mobile Intel GL960 Express Chipset) same socket type temp ratings might be just slightly higher but might be able to fix that with a better quality fan. Not sure about the price need to research that but I'd imagine around $100 US. Might wanna check your maximum HDD space though because I've see of the offical specs of ACER site of being 200Gb HDD. For Ram 2 X 1Gb at 533Mhz FSB is the Max which you already know... But to get that little bit better performance out of it find a match pair in a kit. This is what I'm looking into.

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