help req'd for new web site

  david.h 20:13 01 Jun 2003

i have just tried a simple one page web site but then foundout my isp does not support frontpage 2002, so i tried publisher 2002 and used terrapin ftp to launch it but stiill get errors about index.htm, tried changing name of the file to this but still does not work. anyone help please, my web space says files not uploaded

  david.h 20:23 01 Jun 2003

I am using pipex ISP, ARE THERE ANY GOOD FREEWARE WEB PAGE BUILDERS WITH A WIZARD FOR THE NOVICE, the frontpage2002 wizard was good but not compatibale with my ISP

  Taran 21:07 01 Jun 2003

You could always try just turning off the FrontPage extensions, which is what your ISP will not support, then upload your pages as normal.

Check out Tools, Page Options, click on Compatibility and remove the tick from Enabled with Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions.

Actually that's the method for FrontPage 2000 and I don't have version 2002 on this notebook to double check that it's the same process.

Turning off the extensions normally allows you to create your pages and publish them to your ISP. The server extensions themselves and the functions they support are what your ISP is not supporting. You will lose some functions that rely on the server extensions like hit counters, some feedback forms and similar gadgets that FrontPage can generate, but the bulk of a site will normally stay the same.

  david.h 15:58 02 Jun 2003

thank you for you imput i will give that a go, the isp says the only front page version that is fine is frontpage 98, but i tried saving the file in frontpage 98 and nothing worked at all

  Forum Editor 21:12 02 Jun 2003

why an ISP creates these difficulties with FrontPage extensions.

The extensions cost nothing - they're a free download from Microsoft - and it takes a few minutes to configure them on a server. Some web hosts make a small charge for the extensions, and in my experience most people are happy to pay a few pounds if that's what it takes.

Why your ISP is still running FP 98 extensions is beyond me.

As Taran says - if you don't use any of the FP gizmos like animated text, forms and hover buttons you don't actually need the extensions on the server, and you should be able to upload from FrontPage with no problems.

Like Taran, I don't have FP 2002 running on this machine - I have the beta of FP 2003 (and so I suspect does Taran). In this version you turn off the extensions by going to Tools/page options and selecting the 'authoring' tab. Then remove the tick from 'Browse-time web components'.

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