help removing a virus -it's called 'zlob.dnschang'

  clj7 15:19 06 Feb 2009

This virus stops me from updating any program on my computer. So I can't get any anti-virus program to detect it such as AVG and spyware doctor. This virus also redirects me to other websites instead of the ones I've clicked on.

Can someone please help me step by step how to remove this virus? Again, it's called 'zlob.dnschanger'.

Please help anyone, because I've been trying to remove this for days. I've even stayed up until 3am some nights and still can't remove it XD

Thanks so much for your time

  Marko797 15:25 06 Feb 2009

malwarebytes anti malware?

I had something like this a while ago. AVG wouldn't shift it (& let it in), so I uninstalled then got avast. Might be worth trying one then the other. Remember though, only 1 anti virus on your machine.

  birdface 15:27 06 Feb 2009

Try here
or this.30 day trial but it will remove anything that it here

  [email protected] 15:46 06 Feb 2009

I had this problem on a friends PC a while back.
SuperAntiSpyware was the only freebie to identify and try to fix (Malwarebites didn't).
The problem with this Virus is a start menu entry very early in the boot-up process. This .exe file simply launches and reproduces after you have apparently "quarantined" with malware removal programs.
I got rid of it like this:
Ran SuperAntiSpyware (SAS) and made a note of all the locations the virus was found.
I then went to the locations and manually deleted the files. (the .exe was access denied)
I then ran HijackThis (HJT) and by referring to the already deleted files, found and deleted the entry in the start-up menu. (It was in HKU in the registry).
I then did the re-boot to satisfy the SAS quarantine requirement and the virus was gone.
Note: I downloaded SAS and HJT to a USB key using another computer, and installed them onto the infected computer from that.
Note also: this virus will pass to another computer on the same network/modem if both computers are on at the same time.
Hope this helps ;-)
PS: AVG, my McAfee, A2, MWB's and loads of other freebies never even found it...

  clj7 15:48 06 Feb 2009

thanks wotbus, I'll do this now. Please check back incase I need more help from you. Thanks :)

  clj7 16:53 06 Feb 2009

naaah, super antispyware couldn't detect it either. I might have to take it in to get fixed :P

  [email protected] 17:32 06 Feb 2009

OK. It'll cost you though :-(
The thing I had was "Trojan.DNSChanger-Codec" and I have since learned there are many variants of it.
If you are confident editing your registry, have a look in:
HKU\S-1-5-21-(lots of numbers ending with -1004\Software\fcn
If you find that entry, that's what SAS identified the Trojan as. I deleted it.
You could try logging in to the HJT site and getting help there.
Basically you d/l and run HJT. It creates a log file which you then upload for analysis. Although I never got that far I assume an analysist checks the log and tells what's bad and what to do about it.
Meanwhile keep running the freebies until one comes up with it. A2 AntiMalware seems pretty good and is a 30day free trial and it may come up with something.

  [email protected] 17:36 06 Feb 2009

You can get a free scan here:
click here
You will have to pay for the software to remove it but it may tell you where the virus is so you can do it yourself!

  [email protected] 17:40 06 Feb 2009

Have a read here:
click here
and note that you must run your scans off-line.

  jimv7 17:46 06 Feb 2009

Malwarebytes will find and remove the infection, download malwarebytes, install and update it, then restart the computer, tapping f8, choose safe mode and run a full scan in safe mode.

  config_error 03:38 07 Feb 2009

you can also use this standard procedure in removing virus,trojans and other known threats. this is used by our I.T department and is 100% effective. click here

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