Help ! to remove Graphics GF4 Card from AGP Slot

  Giggle n' Bits 12:05 19 Jun 2004

Having problems removing a Geforce 2 AGP card from the APG slot on a QDI M/board. around the slot there is a plastic thing which seems to be holding it in place but releasing it still won't let the card come out of the slot right on the last edge corner.

Don't want to crack anything, just wanted to replace the chipset cooling fan for repiar, any safe ideas how to get the thing out please welecome.

  hugh-265156 13:54 19 Jun 2004

sometimes they are a tight fit and need a bit of force(not too much mind)

with one hand hold back pin

with the other hand push up on vga connector from the outside of case to get one end lifted up. then lift the card out. thats the way i do it.

you really need three hands sometimes lol

  Giggle n' Bits 23:46 19 Jun 2004

I buy you a pint.

It was the bit where there was a small black plastic stub that slid in and out but to realease the card finally free was to actually pull this plastic stub sideways out to pull a little plug out of a hole. with it being a bit bad for light at the time I didn't see this and you tipped me off when you said "hold back the pin".

U R a Star. Thanks, enjoy the weekend nd football if you watch it.


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