Help - Registry Cleaning issue

  Angry Kid 08:11 01 Aug 2007

Good morning,

I am helping a friend to clean out his pc which has had, and may still have, some Malware/Adawere etc.

However, when running Issues on CCleaner, it run across to around 80-85% and then disappears. The program shuts down. This has happened with Registry mechanic and WinASO (Trial).

Is anyone able to offer some advice as to possible causes?


Angry ;)

  birdface 09:56 01 Aug 2007

Run your Spyware and Anti Virus programs first,Then try again.

  birdface 10:06 01 Aug 2007

Is it the program that shuts down or the computer that shuts down,If it's the computer check the air vents at the back are clear of dust and fluff,If they are clogged up you will probably have to open computer and clean inside as well.You cold go into add remove and delete any programs that he no longer uses,Or try Task Manager [right click Taskbar,Task Manager]Just make sure that there are no more programs running that should not be,Under Processes System Idle Process should be showing about 96% all the rest the remaining 4%

  HCOOH 10:27 01 Aug 2007

Perhaps this might help clear it out a bit more.
click here

  Angry Kid 21:27 01 Aug 2007

Good evening,

Thanks for your posts.

buteman...I have run Spybot, A2, and AVG Antivirus already, and this has cleared a few items. It is the program that shuts down not the pc.

Marg7... I have never tried running CCleaner in safe mode.

Is there anyone able to confirm or deny Marg7's query?

Angry ;)

  woodchip 21:32 01 Aug 2007

Try this program. I use it on my 98se comp still to try it on my XP comps. But very good on 98se. I use 98 most

  woodchip 21:32 01 Aug 2007

Sorry its click here

  sunny staines 21:39 01 Aug 2007

click here
superantispyware [free version] will clean most spyware infections

  bluto1 23:28 01 Aug 2007

Only because you said it was a registry issue I suggest RegScrubXP. Type it that way into your browser and download ad run. It's never harmed my PC and I've been using it for a long time.

  Angry Kid 21:17 05 Aug 2007


When running Sophos Anti Root Kit, my friend has received the following message "you may not have access rights to the whole registry".

What are the causes of this, and how can full access be gained?

Thanks for your continued help.

Angry ;)

  skidzy 21:51 05 Aug 2007

Word of warning:

Using any Anti Root Kit can be harmful to the computer if you do not know exactly what the registry entries are for !!!

When using a Root Kit,this may provide a false positive that if tackled could and most certainly corrupt the registry resulting in the computer failing to even boot correctly.

Using a Root Kit is best left to the experts.

If you must persist in this direction,try safemode.

Run the antispyware apps in safemode is the best bet,not the registry cleaners !

Some advice click here

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