Help, Red Colour Loss!

  Samwella 16:13 11 May 2003

Please can anyone help with the following problem?

I have Windows XP Upgrade Home Edition and everything worked well, however following a house move on resetting everything up, I have lost my red colour from everything. The monitor does show a red band (plus white and blue saying 'no signal') if I start it before powering up the system, also it has a red colour adjuster of it's own which changes nothing but does show the red colour, so to my limited knowledge I thought that meant that the monitor is ok.
However, everything else is missing red and is predominantly blue, green or yellow and grey.
I have tried altering all the settings, also done a system restore to a date prior to moving and nothing has changed, can anyone help please?

  -pops- 16:27 11 May 2003

This may work, may not but try removing ALL external cables from everything on your computer - power, peripherals (printers etc.), monitor, everything. Leave it for a while - this is just so you can collect yourself and calm down. Then reconnect everything very carefully.

This doesn't do anything more than connect everything up again but there is just a chance that you've got some cable loose or the wrong way, you know the sort of thing. This procedure has worked for me in the past, it may work for you.


  -pops- 16:30 11 May 2003

Sorry, posted too soon.

If that doesn't work the next stage is to take the side off your machine and check that all the cards, cables and connectors are firmly pushed into where they're supposed to be pushed in. it's amazing how easily the vibration on moving a computer can cause them to come loose.


  Cathode 16:37 11 May 2003

Check the inside of the plug that goes into your graphics card for bent pins, they can be straightened with a pair of tweezers if you are careful.

  wee eddie 16:39 11 May 2003

-pops- is spot on. If the problem is not solved.
Stage 3. Check the monitor cable,plugs and sockets. If all are well. Take the monitor and cable round to an acquaintance and try their's. I know that you have just moved and this may be a better way getting to know your neighbours than borrowing a cup of sugar.

  wee eddie 16:40 11 May 2003

Too slow! Well done Cathode

  Samwella 22:42 11 May 2003

Thanks everyone, it was a bent pin and I've managed to straighten it with eyebrow tweezers. Now you are all up in lights (bright red ones)!

  Cathode 00:39 12 May 2003

Thats great :-)

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