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  Pesala 06:38 21 Mar 2004

Because someone refreshed a thread from July 2003 I thought I should update with the most recent version. Please amend your bookmarks.

These programs are regularly recommended by forum members. They can resolve many of the problems posted on this forum. No doubt other forum regulars will post their own favourite Freeware. Always check for compatibility with your Windows version before downloading. Let we know if any links do work, or software causes problems for you.

DISCLAIMER: Always make backups and set a restore point before installing any new software. No guarantee of any kind is implied by inclusion of software on this list. PC Advisor is not responsible for the selection, which is my own. I have tried most of this software on my own Windows ME system.

*** Anti-virus / Privacy/ Security ***

Ad-aware (1,504 K) click here Removes spyware and data-mining programs.

AVG click here Excellent antivirus program with regular updates.

AVAST (6.4 Mbyte) click here Free antivirus

Spybot S&D 1.2 (3,577 K) click here Removes spyware from your system

Sygate (5,161 K) Firewall click here

Zone Alarm (3,633 K) click here

*** Font Tools ***

The Font Thing (483 K) click here Font Manager

Babel Map (347 K + 289 K help) click here Unicode character map

Fix Font Folder (344 K) click here Fix Fonts Folder is a utility that locates and fixes font related problems. It scans all installed fonts and checks the integrity of the fonts related part of the registry.

Extended Character Map (13 K) click here

*** Graphics Viewing and Conversion ***

Irfan View 3.85 (855 K + 4.2 Mbytes for plug-ins) click here This tiny graphics viewer on steroids does most common tasks faster than bloated Photo-editors. Scan, crop, flip, rotate, convert, resize, recolour, and special effects, plus slideshows, html thumbnail galleries, batch conversion, and batch renaming. No paint, clone, or mask tools though.

My Irfan View Help Website: click here

Serif DrawPlus 4.0 (7,332 K) click here Vector Drawing and Animation (PhotoPlus 5.5, PagePlus 5.0, WebPlus 6.0 also free)

  Pesala 06:39 21 Mar 2004

Aida (New version 1,851 K) click here System information

Audacity (1,297 K + 373 K MP3 encoder) click here Sound-recorder, MP3 Editor

Atomic Clock Sync (484 K) click here

Belarc Advisor (609 K) click here System information

Cacheman (852 K) click here Memory manager

Chainsaw (104 K) click here Splits large files for easier transfer and recombines them on any PC with a simple batch file.

Directory Printer (925 K) click here (Also requires VBRUN300.DLL (1.2 Mb) which you may already have in your Windows\System directory).

Diskeeper Lite (10,005 K) click here Defragmentation program that will run in the background, and completes the task more quickly.

DupeLocator (180 K) click here Finds duplicated files by comparing bytes, ignoring names and dates.

Eraser (2,746 K) click here Cleans unused hard disk space and overwrites deleted files to prevent recovery.

FTP Commander 7.20 (586K) click here

Monitor Tests: Display Calibration click here Monitor Response click here Screen Calibration click here (provided by Huggyg71)

Motherboard Monitor (1,736 K) click here Monitors temperatures etc.

Note Tab Lite (1,796 K) click here Powerful Notepad replacement with spell-check, autocorrect, etc.

Properties Plus (281 K) click here Time/Datestamp editor XP compatible

RealOne Player (8,282K) click here

SiSoft Sandra (2,880 K) click here More detailed system information

Sizer (73 K) click here Window resizer for website testing

Tclock (190 K) click here Enhanced Windows clock and calendar. Simple and neat.

Tiny Spell (547K) click here Freeware spell checker

Tweak UI (111 K) click here Adjust Windows Interface settings

Tweak UI 1.33 (11 3K) click here Some additional tools from Microsoft Developers

Wordweb click here (5.2 Mb) Free Dictionary/Thesaurus

Zip Central (845 K) click here Free zip archiver

*** PC Advisor Links ***

More Software Here click here

And Downloads Here
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  Steinman 08:13 21 Mar 2004

Whoever wrote "the best things in life are free" must have been a PC Advisor member!

  Pesala 09:34 21 Mar 2004
  Steinman 10:39 21 Mar 2004
  Steinman 10:40 21 Mar 2004
  Pesala 17:24 31 Mar 2004

This thread is the most recent one.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 17:41 31 Mar 2004

click here

This site lets you download all the codecs for most players without needing the players just use what ever player u have.I use it and i only need WMP it plays all the movies i download.

This little dload tells you all about your bios
saves searching for ages

click here


  March Hare 18:11 31 Mar 2004

Filed. Thanks.

  fuzzyone 18:33 31 Mar 2004

Ta Pesala,

Also here's the best free jukebox. (in my opinion)click here

  Pesala 19:52 31 Mar 2004

Very similar to Aida click here and nicely laid out.

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