Help Re Driver Updates

  Tony W. 16:23 22 Jul 2009

Had a notification today from Filehippo for an updated display driver.

I removed the old driver and suddenly the screen became completely jumbled up no icons or writing.Shut the computer down and restarted then the icons and the normal desktop appeared.

Installed the new display driver.

Problem is now immediately after opening any programs Adobe elements etc.I get a blue screen and a message saying computer is being closed down to prevent damage.

If anybody can suggest what is the best thing I can do to put things right would be very grateful.


  gazzaho 16:40 22 Jul 2009

Remove the driver you installed and reinstall the old driver would be the logical option. You may have inadvertently downloaded the wrong driver by mistake.

You don't mention what driver you installed or what graphics card is in your system so that limits the advice anyone here can give you. If your graphics card is NVIDIA which I suspect it is as there was a driver released yesterday click here option 2 will check your hardware and automatically give you the right driver to download for your graphics card.

  birdface 17:01 22 Jul 2009

Does Filehippo normally warn you of driver updates.I don't use Filehippo so not sure if this is normal or not.

  Tony W. 17:23 22 Jul 2009

The driver was Nvidia 190.38 for graphics card Nvidia 8800gt.With the aid of your link have now reinstalled the driver and all seems to ok many thanks.

Yes Filehippo does warn of driver updates but I think its only display drivers I have never been advised of any others.

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