help with ram & abit sg-95 motherboard

  HateGrowth 09:17 19 Mar 2008

everynow and then when i power my pc up it will lock up while checking NVRAM and says 41ac on the right side of the screen

also since this has started happening my ram is only running at 533mhz rather than the full 667mhz

my system is as follows.

Motherboard: Abit SG-95
CPU: Intel Pentium D 3ghz
Ram: corsair xms2 667mhz 1gb (2x 512 sticks)

  keef66 09:57 19 Mar 2008

go into bios and set the ram speed correctly.

download and run the memory diagnostic Memtest86.

Is the system clock keeping correct time and date? Could be the cmos battery needs replacing so it's dropping back to failsafe defaults incl the lower memory speed.

  Gongoozler 10:14 19 Mar 2008

NVRAM, i.e. Non Volatile RAM is probably referring to the CMOS memory. The other RAM is very volatile, i.e. it loses anything stored on it when the computer is switched off. The change of RAM clock speed suggests that the CMOS setting has changed, and the most likely cause of this is a dying CMOS battery. I wouldn't be at all surprised if the clock is also indicating the wrong time. Try a new CMOS battery and see if that helps.

  HateGrowth 13:23 19 Mar 2008

ive checked in the bios and its at the highest setting which it says is 533 but before it was working at 667.. im really confused here as the system clock is fine too.

I've put a new battery in anyway

also ive noticed if i disable speed stepping it wont boot past the nvram check

also before there was an option to turn C1e feature off whatever that is and now this has gone.

Ive checked my bios against the newest one on the abit site and its all up to date.

Should i just get a new board? as i have another two sticks of the corsair ram which would bring my ram up to 2gb

then again can you get motherboards with 4 ram slots nowadays as i havent seen one for quite a while.

Thankyou for all of your help.

  keef66 14:12 19 Mar 2008

I've downloaded and looked at the manual for your board, but I'm still baffled.

There's a jumper on the mobo to clear / reset the cmos, but I'm sure you'd know if you'd moved that.

If you do go for a new mobo, most appear to have 4 ram slots

  keef66 14:18 19 Mar 2008

maybe an idea to try clearing the cmos using the jumper. Remove the power lead before you do this to make absolutely certain there's no power getting to the board. Leave the jumper in the clear cmos position for say 10 mins then return it to the normal position.

Start the pc and enter bios. Make sure ram speed is set by spd or auto. Don't manually select a speed.

Check that the mobo fsb is correct for your cpu.

  HateGrowth 16:30 19 Mar 2008

cheers guys i did clear the cmos but not for 10 mins i shall try that and keef66 can you tell me where you got the manual? ive been looking everywhere for one.,

  keef66 09:50 20 Mar 2008

I found it via the Abit UK website, but I've deleted my I.E. history so I can't quickly find the link. Can I email you the manual? It's 1.6Mb

  keef66 09:53 20 Mar 2008
  HateGrowth 13:39 20 Mar 2008

cheers, ill take a look through this and check it.

Oh yeah clearing the cmos just made it come up with cmos checksum errors and i had to set it exactly as it was before to get past the nvram check again

  Gongoozler 10:04 21 Mar 2008

CMOS checksum error means that the CMOS data is corrupt. As you have reset the CMOS, I think this can only mean that there is a fault in the CMOS chip itself. I think that by far the simplest solution is to replace the motherboard with another of the same model. The Abit SG-95 is still available here click here

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