Help with RAID Setup.

  Dorsai 18:36 11 Jun 2004

I have just bought a new motherborad, chosen partly because it has a RAID controller on board.

It is an ABIT KG7-Raid.

I have a downloaded copy of the Manual. B4 i got it.

I wish to set it up to use two Hdd's in a striping array to improve disk access speed. But the manual does not say weather i have to put the two disks (not yet purchased) on the same raid-ide cable, or one on each.

I assume that i shoud put them on different IDE slots, so as both can be accessed at the same time, but the manual makes no mention, that i can see, other than i must put them on the ide slots that have raid.

Any suggestions as to which make of ATA100 HDD's are best for RAID?

I am thinking of getting a pair of Western-Digital 80Gb 8mb cache, 72000Rpm U-ata drivers.

  Rayuk 19:24 11 Jun 2004

Put each drive on seperate controller as master.

Have a look see which drives are fastest and use them as they should be fastest in a Raid0 set up to.

  Dorsai 19:55 11 Jun 2004

had an idea 'that's the way to do it'. Nice to have confermation.

But what is 'the fastest drive'? Should it be a W/Digital with an 8MB cache and 9ms seek time, or a seagate barracuda, 8.2ms seek, 2mb cache??

also the manual says ultra DMA 100, for the disks. is this the same as Ultra ATA 100?

  Rayuk 20:58 11 Jun 2004

DMA100 and ATA100 exactly the same.
You are beter off going for the 8Mb cache in my opinion.
Have a look over at
click here
may get more info on fastest drives at the moment

  Dorsai 07:37 12 Jun 2004

cheers, again. Thought dma100 and ata100 same, but now know f'sure. will check your link out later- off to work in a mo.

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