Help! Quick Launch Bar & Scanreg not working

  Nosmas 13:24 10 May 2004

System W98 (first edition), IE & OE (both V6.0)

Until last night I had a Quick Launch Bar on the left-hand side of my taskbar with various icons to launch IE, OE, Calculator and View Clipboard etc. Suddenly all the icons in the QLB became inoperative. Right clicking on any of them and selecting Properties displayed a greyed-out window with no details of the path that normally shows. I re-booted and to my dismay no icons appeared in the space normally occupied by the QLB.

Searching through my system I have found a folder named Quick Launch residing at the end of path C:\Windows\Application Data\Microsoft\Installer\Internet Explorer\ and this contains all the short-cut icons that normally show in the QLB. Clicking on any of them launches the relevant program.

Searching Windows Help disclosed that right-clicking on the Task Bar and selecting Toolbars > Quick Launch would put the QLB on the Task Bar, but my doing this resulted in an error message "Cannot create toolbar". I then tried Start > Run and typed in "scanreg/restore" (without quotes), which I hoped would give me the choice of five dates from which to restore, but this displayed an error message "Cannot find file scanreg/restore (or one of its components). Make sure the file and path name are correct and that all required libraries are available".

I then ran scanreg on its own and this displayed a message "No errors found. The system registry has been backed up already today. Would you like to back it up again?". I clicked the 'No' button.

I am wondering if the QLB is in fact still there and has somehow become hidden? Or could it be a corrupted Registry key?

Please can someone suggest solutions to the above two problems. It's extremely inconvenient having no QLB as I use it a lot to launch IE or OE and also use the 'Show Desktop' to quickly minimise all open programs and display the desktop.

  Stuartli 14:46 10 May 2004

Right-click the taskbar again from the Desktop and then click Properties (perhaps this is what you have missed?).

On the Taskbar tab, select the Show Quick Launch check box and click Apply.

  Stuartli 14:51 10 May 2004

If that doesn't work:


Copy and paste into your browser and delete space between // and support.

  Nosmas 18:46 10 May 2004

Many thanks for your two suggestions. I had already looked at the Taskbar Properties and decided it didn't have anything to offer as a solution to my problem. The only options offered by the Taskbar Options tab are 'Always on top' and 'Show clock' (both checked) and 'Auto hide' and 'Show small icons in Start menu' (both unchecked). There isn't the option you mention - 'Show Quick Launch'

I have looked at the MS Support link you gave, and have navigated down to HKEY-CURRENT-USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer but ClassicShell doesn't show at all. The cause is stated to be: - "This registry value is often set to 0x0000 when the Microsoft TweakUI Power Toy utility is used to disable Microsoft Internet Explorer", but I do not have TweakUI nor have I tried to disable IE. I did have a problem with OE messages click here but as you will see that has been resolved, and I don't feel that it has anything to do with my present problem, although I stand to be corrected by the experts.

Wading through the MS Support pages from the link you gave, I discovered that Registry Backup files are stored in C:\Windows\Sysbckup and are named where x is a number from 0 to 5. I have found those files and they are: 0 dated 09/05/04; 1 dated 10/05/04; 3 dated 06/05/04; 4 dated 07/05/04; and 5 dated 08/05/04. There is no number 2 file - would that be correct or indicative of the reason why I got the error message when I tried to Run scanreg/restore? Judging my the time stamp these files were created when I shut down and re-started my system (I leave it running 24/7 but reboot each night). MS Support says that when the Registry is backed up the oldest of the five files is overwritten, but I wonder if in fact it is deleted and the new file uses the previously missing number?

Any other ideas from anyone please?

  VoG II 18:52 10 May 2004

I think you need a space before the /

scanreg /restore

  Nosmas 19:14 10 May 2004

Thanks for that. Just tried it and a black window momentarily flashed on the monitor and then a message: -"Cannot restore from Windows. Shutdown to DOS and run scanreg.exe /restore".

Does that seem to be OK from your experience. I seem to remember running this some time ago and don't recall having to go into DOS. Presumably I will need to go to Start > Shutdown > Restart in DOS?

  VoG II 19:17 10 May 2004

From my vague recollection of W98, yes that's how.

  Nosmas 19:18 10 May 2004

Thanks, but that is what I tried to do last night and it gave me error message "Cannot create toolbar" - see third paragraph of my first post on this thread.

  Nosmas 20:24 10 May 2004

Your suggestion almost worked. Restarted in DOS, ran scanreg /restore and was offered ONLY FOUR restore dates - files 1 10/05; 0 09/05; 5 08/05; 4 07/05 - no sign of files 2 or 3. Chose file 0 which was created early hours of 09/05 and MS Registry Checker proceeded to restore system files. Message confirmed job done and said must re-boot.

When re-boot finished Taskbar had extra pair of vertical grey lines between Start button and Systray on r/h side, which I took to be the position reserved for the Quick Launch Bar, BUT THERE WERE NO ICONS ON VIEW. Right clicked on Taskbar and selected Tooolbars and saw that Quick Launch already had a tick against it. Clicked on it and tick disappeared and so did aforementioned pair of grey lines! Right clicked again and clicked Quick Launch but got error message again "Cannot create toolbar"

In a quandary now as I don't want to use up all my restore dates if there is something else I should do after restoring the Registry. Don't understand why I don't get choice of FIVE dates instead of four.

Any more suggestions please?

  Nosmas 20:28 10 May 2004

My file path definitely has folder Installer between Microsoft and Internet Explorer

  canard 21:04 10 May 2004

click here for how a PCA pundit sorted my disappeared quicklaunch bar.

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